Your toner cartridge is out of toner

To form a print in a laser printerThe cartridge is a replaceable unit, the main function of which is to store the toner stock - the same powder from which the image is formed on a sheet of paper. The average cartridge of the original production for a laser printer is designed to print two to three thousand prints and costs about $ 50- $ 100.

If the toner cartridge runs out of toner,the user, depending on the model of the printer, notices this, either by the deterioration of the quality of the prints or by the signals of the printer, which recommends, and sometimes even severely, the replacement of the used cartridge.

So, your printer has run out of print cartridge, andyou do not have a spare cartridge. If the end of the toner supply in the cartridge becomes noticeable on the vertical light stripes on the printouts, you can remove the cartridge from the printer, tap it lightly with your finger, and then gently rock it in the horizontal longitudinal direction. The toner remains evenly distributed throughout the bunker, and you can make several dozen prints on the cartridge.

When the toner cartridge is fullor the printer has stopped working and requires a replacement of the used cartridge, you will either have to purchase a new cartridge, or refill the existing one if, of course, the latter is possible: there are laser printers, to which it is impossible.

Let's say that you decided to buy a new cartridge, buthad never done this before. Before buying, be sure to find out the model of your printer. The model name can usually be found on the front or top plane of the printer casing, and sometimes - on the control panel or on the surface of the paper tray - in the latter case, lift the tray and read the model name. Unfortunately, a common mistake for users is to find the model name on the back of the case next to the power cable connector. Not always helps and reference to the manuals that the printer was equipped with when selling - sometimes they indicate the name of a series of devices, rather than a specific model.

So, you read the name of the model on the caseyour printer and know exactly what it's called. Write down on paper this name. Now remove the cartridge from the printer and try to read on it its model (type). Typically, the model of the cartridge is written on its body in the largest font, and the name of the model of the cartridge, with rare exceptions, does not at all resemble the name of the printer from which it was extracted. In some cases, the exact name of the type of cartridge on its housing will not be found, and then you will have to buy a cartridge, focusing only on the printer model. If you still managed to find out the type of cartridge, write it down next to the printer model.

It will be very good if before going toTo the supplier of cartridges you type in a search line or the model of your printer and through a blank the word "cartridge". This will be especially useful if you do not know the type of cartridge to your printer. From the search results, you determine which cartridge fits your printer. Sometimes a search can yield conflicting results; in this case, give preference to the variant that is most often mentioned in the SERP. Read the search results only in Russian, as, for example, a British site may contain incorrect information about the type of cartridge for the printer: in the UK, your printer is likely to use very different cartridges, and you can not buy them in Russia.

Now you need to decide which cartridge you arewill buy - original or compatible. The original cartridge is made by the manufacturer of the printer, and compatible - by anyone, only not the manufacturer. The cost of a compatible cartridge is usually several times lower, and the likelihood of a malfunction in its operation is as high as a low quality print, crackling, paper jam, or even a total inoperability. In addition, if you plan to refill the cartridge later, it is better not to purchase a compatible cartridge.

If your printer comes with cartridgesboth conventional and increased capacity, it will be useful even before you contact the supplier to decide which one is more suitable for you. To make a decision, use a simple rule: if you plan to refill the cartridge then the high-capacity cartridge is not for you. And if you are a principal opponent of refueling and use the printer quite intensively, then it is advisable to purchase a high-capacity cartridge.

And now, when you all know about your futurecartridge, find out the approximate price for it from the suppliers of your city. This additionally guarantees you the purchase of exactly the cartridge that you need, and also allows you to avoid unnecessary costs. Type in the search string yandex or google the phrase "(the type of your cartridge) to buy in (your city)" or visit the sites of computer stores. Focus only on well-known or familiar to you retail stores or online stores.

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