Why is it worth living in Odessa?

Odessa is a resort city in the south of Ukraine and is famous not only for its cleanest beaches, but also for its unique atmosphere, humor and flavor. If you are looking for a place to move to another city, then Odessa is one of the best choices. You can estimate the cost of real estate in Odessa at https://odessa.mesto.ua.

In Odessa, every year the festival "Humorina" is held with a parade procession through the city of many comedians, clowns, mimes, dancers, animators and actors. Fairs are held all day, and in the evening a festive program is organized with the participation of well-known and just starting their way musical groups.


Legendary Deribasovskaya street is one of the main symbols of Odessa, along which there is a huge number of unique sculptures and monuments. One of the monuments was built in honor of the founder of the city - a nobleman Don José de Ribas. This street is full of a variety of authentic cafes, where you will taste dishes such as hummus, forshmak, sprat, fish cakes, etc.Deribasovskaya Street is one of the favorite places for tourists walking, where they can fully enjoy the unforgettable architectural masterpieces of Odessa.

No less attractive place in Odessa is the city garden, which has on its territory, a unique monument to the twelfth chair from the famous for the whole of the former Soviet Union artwork "The Twelve Chairs". By the way, the authors of the film are Odessa residents Ilf and Petrov. City garden is one of the favorite meeting places for creative people.

Cathedral Square is another pride of the city, located in the center of Odessa, at the intersection of many streets. All city holidays are held here. In the middle of the square stands the Savior Transfiguration Cathedral. On the square you can also purchase various souvenirs and crafts, paintings by Odessa artists.

Do you like the history of hostilities? Then visit the memorial memorial "411 battery", which is dedicated to the heroic defense of Odessa. On its territory there are exhibits of various military equipment: an armored train, several warships and submarines, fighter planes, anti-aircraft guns, various guns.Every year on the day of the liberation of Odessa, various battles are reconstructed here, and on Victory Day, veterans are styled and a celebratory concert is held.

As you can see in Odessa live truly happy people, you will like not only to live in the city but also to have a rest. In the sale section https://odessa.mesto.ua/sale, you can pick up an apartment or a house depending on your capabilities and desires, closer or far away from a noisy cent.

For lovers of sports recreation there is an opportunity to walk along the path of health in Odessa. This is a picturesque trail along the beaches of Odessa, along which people run, walk, ride rollers and bicycles. Throughout the route, you may notice various horizontal bars. The walk along the trail ends in Arcadia.

To plunge into the atmosphere of local color, you just need to visit Privoz. It was here that Odessa humor was born. It is one of the oldest markets in Europe. This place was intended for trade from carts, hence the name Privoz. On the territory of the market there is a monument to the folklore character - Aunt Sonya. In the old part of the market, on the fish rows, the famous Odessa tradition of trading is still preserved, where you simply have to bargain.At Privoz you can also buy a fairly well-known zest - the bar “Salo in Chocolate”.
That is why it is worth at least once in my life to come to Odessa, called South Palmyra.

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