Why does the abdomen ache?

Health is what is given to us by nature. It is necessary to closely monitor your body and, at the first symptoms, consult a doctor. Our article today is devoted to pain in the abdomen. Let's talk in more detail about what can hurt in the lower abdomen, which organs may not be in order, and most importantly, how you can get rid of these pains. So, why does the abdomen hurt?

Pain in the lower abdomen

As a rule, the pain in the lower abdomen is an anxioussyndrome in gynecological practice. Thus, most often it is women who complain of pain in this area. In fact, there are a number of reasons that can cause these unpleasant sensations. It can be diseases of the abdominal organs, genital organs, spine and so on. Let's turn our attention to the most common pain zones:

  • Painful sensations in the right side of the lower partstomach. The pain is very acute and manifests itself with some periodicity. In this case, you can talk about the presence of problems with appendicitis. Surgery is necessary.
  • Pain in the lower abdomen. Very often, diseases of the intestinal tract are accompanied by severe pain in the lower abdomen, nausea, vomiting and lack of appetite. If severe pain is recommended, call an ambulance.
  • Pain in the lower abdomen and in the lower back. This type of pain is characteristic of the pathology of the urinary tract. Urination is difficult and accompanied by pain. Allocations, namely urine, can contain blood. If a symptom is found, consult a doctor immediately.

Well, now, let's turn to the list of symptoms by which you can diagnose which organ is in need of treatment.

  • Nausea and bitterness in the mouth - the most obvious signsthat the liver is not functioning properly. The liver is a very important organ that is vital for the normal functioning of our body. The liver simultaneously performs a number of functions and solves many problems - from digestion to blood supply.
  • Low intensity or intense pain in the stomachshould be diagnosed in different ways. For example, people who suffer from chronic gastritis experience pain of low intensity. Sharp and severe pain can be a symptom of a number of diseases - from poisoning to cancer. As a rule, pain in the abdomen occurs after eating.
  • Pain in the stomach appears,whether you took food before that or not. This state of affairs is typical for the disease of the intestine. Also aching pains and pain contractions occur with diseases of the intestine.

What to do with pain? How to help yourself and who can I contact? First of all, remember that any pain is a signal from the body that one or more organs are not working properly. Listen to your body, consult a doctor for any anxiety symptoms and try to find out why the abdomen hurts, what is the reason for this discomfort? Only real professionals can provide you with really qualified help. Only the doctor will be able to advise how to proceed. Self-medication is also good, but with health, as you know, jokes are bad.

We do not want to take responsibilityadvise you drugs for self-treatment. There are well-known drugs that alleviate pain. They can be used in any case. Well, and the rest of the treatment should be on you and your doctor. If you diagnosed food poisoning, you can help your body cope with symptoms with the help of ordinary water and activated carbon. You need to drink one tablet of activated carbon for every ten kilograms of your weight. That is, if you weigh 60 kilograms, then you need to drink 6 tablets of activated charcoal. Drink plenty of good purified water. At the time of poisoning, the body lacks fluid.

So you found out why the abdomen hurts. Our health, as you know, is the key to a successful and happy life. Never forget that the most important resource that can move our lives forward is ourselves. Spend money and time on taking care of yourself and your loved ones. Do not treat health carelessly. We live in a world full of dangerous negative influences on the human body. In order to confront these factors, you need to monitor your health and your attitude to the world around you.

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