Why does my arm grow dumb during sleep

Often there is a phenomenon when a person has a numb arm during sleep. After waking up, it usually goes away.

arm grows numb during sleepThe reasons that the arm grow dumb during sleep canbe different. The most harmless of them is the uncomfortable position of the neck. This situation is likely when the pillow is very high or, conversely, low enough during sleep. An awkward position makes neck muscles tighten. The result of this condition is the clamping of the vessels, which does not allow the necessary amount of blood to enter the tissues. The solution of the problem in this case is possible when changing the location of the pillow. Gradually lowering or raising it, you can eliminate the tension of the neck muscles. In this case, the problem with which the arm grows numb during sleep will be solved. Sometimes the pillow is easy to replace.

Sometimes the arm grows numb during sleep in a man to whom a woman puts her head on her shoulder and falls asleep in this position. Gradually, during the night, the artery overlaps. As a result, numbness comes.

But there are cases when paresthesia (as inmedical practice call this phenomenon) is an alarm signal. Sometimes it can be a sign of the formation of an artery thrombus. If after waking up numbness does not pass more than an hour, then you should immediately contact a doctor. If untimely started treatment, development in tissues of irreversible processes is possible.

If the right arm is numb at night, then it can bea consequence of carpal tunnel syndrome. This pathology occurs after heavy loads. For example, a long work at the computer strains your wrists and can cause night numbness in your hands. Pathology occurs in connection with the narrowing of the nerve channel and pinching of nerve fibers.

Dumb hands treatmentOften the numbness of the hands during sleep becomesa consequence of problems with the spine. Provokes the pathology of the osteochondrosis of its cervical region. This is a very unpleasant disease. It not only limits mobility in the cervical region, but extends to the sternum, shoulders and arms. The source of osteochondrosis is a pinched or long-lasting irritated nerve, located near the vertebra. In the case where the pathology is located on the left side, the left arm is numb in the dream, and when the right hand, the right one.

Paresthesia can be a consequence of shoulder injuries. These include stretching or rupture of tendons and muscles, as well as dislocation of the joint.

Numbness of the hands can be the result of the appearanceneuralgia of the brachial plexus. This pathology often affects the right arm. Its main symptoms are acute pains, which alternate with a feeling of numbness. In this case there is a flabbiness of the muscles with their subsequent atrophy, as well as a limitation in the movements of the hand.

One of the major causes of paresthesia may bepinching of the ulnar nerve. During sleep, the arm is often bent. This long position puts pressure on the ulnar nerve, which causes a number of unpleasant symptoms. Sometimes this phenomenon is possible in the presence of edema in arthritis, cysts, as well as old injuries.

at night the right arm grows numbIn the case when your hands are numb,treatment should be appointed by a specialist. He will determine the cause of the pathology and prescribe the necessary course of therapy. It should be borne in mind that with the chronic form of paresthesia, treatment can be very long.

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