Why do guys like girls?

Many female representativesfrom age this problem interests. Often they wonder what exactly in women's appearance or character like men, try to find reasons why guys like girls of a certain type of appearance. Or maybe they each have their own image of an ideal girl, and they themselves do not admit it?

What kind of girls do guys prefer?

Whatever standards of beauty dictated fashion,Only a tiny fraction of girls can fully meet them. And with confidence we can say that every member of the stronger sex has a standard of female attractiveness. Yes, a model-looking girl can attract the attention of all the men nearby, but not the fact that they would like to build a serious relationship with her.

Every self-respecting girl must have her owntaste in clothes, that is, be able to select clothes, makeup, which really suits her and correspond to the situation in which she is. Guys like well-groomed girls. For this, it is not necessary to visit the beauty salon every day. Of course, salon procedures will never interfere in the struggle for beauty. However, there are basic generally accepted rules, which should not be violated categorically. So, for example, on hands there should not be nibbled nails or the peeled varnish. In addition, the guys like well-groomed smooth or curvy hair, not fatty tufts on the head.

False is the view that the guysattract only thin girls. Believe me, many lovers and magnificent forms. If there are problems with the figure, you do not need to immediately go on a diet, but you must first develop self-confidence and love yourself for who you are. But when you fall in love, you can and reasonably take care of the beauty of your beloved body.

Clothes should always be neat andharmoniously combined with all external appearance. Also remember, dear girls, that men like natural beauty, and not multi-layered disguises on the face that look terrible in daylight.

Favorite feminine qualities

Usually the guy very much loves the girl, in which there issome zest. In communicating with her beloved, she can afford to be direct and open, but in moderation. It is necessary nevertheless to leave a veil of secrecy, while not doing something about yourself, so that her companion always wanted to guess this riddle in her behavior or character.

Also, men are attracted when a girl showsand his own modesty and gaiety, but also within reasonable limits. You do not have to build yourself out of yourself, or, conversely, talk without stopping. Do not try to make yourself a different person, play someone else's role. It is necessary to remain yourself in any situation.

One of the most common reasons why guyslove girls, are beautiful legs. And if they are also sunburnt, it is battling them on the spot. Also, men are fascinated by long eyelashes, and it is not necessary that they are densely painted.

Guys love girls for the sound of laughter andsociability, and also for women's artistry. For accuracy in everything and tactfulness in conversation. Important is the ability to be yourself. If you constantly pretend, you can even get confused and forget what you were at the beginning of dating and what you said.

Girls can like and for their sentimentalityand naivety, but not for the tears themselves, but for the ability to be sensual and tender. Guys love those girls who combine intelligence and beauty. After talking with the silly, you will not hear anything interesting, except for sales in a fashion boutique or about what better nails to grow. Believe me, these details are completely uninteresting for most men.

Everyone is attracted by smiling faces when it seems that a person radiates warmth and sincerity. So do not skimp on the smile!

Men love fair sex for their economy and ability to spend money intelligently, deliciously prepare and maintain order in the house.

It happens that a guy loves two girls. Someone got it by accident. I fell in love first in one, then in another and as a result can not make a choice, decide which one is more like. Someone, on the contrary, does it on purpose. After all it is really convenient: one - quiet and quiet, sits at home and waits for supper, another - bright, emotional, never lets you get bored.

That's why a girl needs to be always differentand do not forget to keep an eye on your appearance, and all your complexes need to be replaced by courage and spontaneity, so that your loved one, even thought, should not find another.

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