Which dress to choose?

Bright red with a lush skirt, small black,gentle from light fabric in pastel colors, strict office, luxurious evening dress - any dress will always remain the most feminine subject of the wardrobe. Dress, chosen with taste and knowledge of the case, will make an attractive woman of any age and complexion.

Everyday dress

Simplicity and accuracy are the main qualities fororders for every day. Choose one-color dresses, light, simple and natural fabrics, beautiful classic styles. Traditional colors: black, white, gray, brown, as well as deep, uncritical tones of red, blue, green, purple, mustard, etc. If the figure is beautiful, emphasize its tight and semi-fitting styles. Dresses-cases and dresses of straight cut will look great. Young girls fit dresses with a tight top and a lush skirt-half sun or sun.

Those who have a small tummy or are prone tocompleteness, you can choose free styles or dresses with a loose top and a tight bottom. You can also look at beautiful and quality dresses of large sizes, for example, in the online store http://divaroom.ru/. Here there are not only beautiful outfits at an affordable cost for full ladies, but also many others for every taste, color and size - on the right you can see the options for the filter.

Examples of suitable options for each day: dress-shirt, denim dress, lightweight of natural fabric for summer, for winter - from knitwear or wool of natural shades. To diversify the outfit and give it individuality will help neck scarves, as well as simple accessories: pendants, small earrings, a good watch. Accessories can give brightness along with, diversify it, so all kinds of costume jewelery here will have to come in handy.

Business dress

This is an excellent alternative to a business suit. Choosing a dress, you will observe the dress code, but at the same time look feminine. Suitable colors: black, gray, white, dark blue, burgundy, dark green. The business dress should be restrained: a shallow neckline, the length - a minimum to the knee or slightly higher. But you can afford a beautifully fitting figure shapes: a business dress differs strictness and straight lines, so the style of the case here will be appropriate. Women with a three-dimensional shape can choose semi-free styles - these dresses do not need to be emphasized with straps and other accenting details, let the fabric itself lie down beautifully on the figure, hiding the folds. For a business dress especially important is the fabric and quality of tailoring, so it is better to pick up one or two expensive outfits, but really worthwhile.

Office outfits adjust to the working mood,so there is no room for excess. Be sure to choose quality shoes for the dress - it can be shoes on an average heel, ankle boots or boots in the cold season. Accessories - are minimal and more like elegant details in a strict shape: small earrings, a thin suspension or a bracelet is desirable from precious metals.

Evening Dress

Evening dress - this is the option when you canallow yourself to shine in all its glory! You can choose a suitable style of any length, bright color, elegant accessories. One of the most popular styles is the dress-maxi of a tight fit. More feminine and seductive option is not found! This dress looks great with a neckline in the décolleté or on the back - do not be afraid if you want to emphasize the beauty of your figure. You can choose a cut, decorated with lace.

If you do not like deep cutouts, you can chooseof the variants with open shoulders - dresses of a bando. The bottom can be decorated with a neckline or you can choose a dress with a loose skirt. Young girls can choose a beautiful mini with open shoulders and a lush skirt, those who have a small chest and boyish figure - to stop at a dress in the style of Gatsby. Evening dress like no other can emphasize all the charms of a female figure, but to look elegant and attractive, even then you should not overdo it with an open skin: if you have a deep cutout at the bottom of the dress, make sure that the breasts are more closed; with open shoulders and back, it is better to choose the length of the dress not less than to the knees, and so on.

By evening dress you need shoes with heels, fromaccessories - a clutch of a neutral shade or combined in a shade with the color of the outfit. You can afford luxury accessories, but chosen in such a way that they are combined with the style: for a dress with a deep neckline in the chest area - a necklace, for a cut on the back - a pendant that emphasizes the beauty of the back line, with a high hairstyle - volumetric earrings.

Trying on a new dress,mirror, make sure that you are comfortable in it in any position and that it sits well on the figure. When choosing a style, take into account the peculiarities of your figure, when choosing a color - the situation for which you select an outfit, and your color pattern. Successfully matched dress will make you very attractive, feminine and beautiful!

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