Where to rest in 2019

Every person in his life thought about the rest. It often happens that vacations are allocated in an organization not when the employee wants it, but when it is possible within the framework of the working conditions. Many take up their heads and complain about their superiors when the rest falls on November or April, or in the winter, but they wanted it in the summer. Many people really want to go to the sea, but in winter they cannot afford to go to hot countries, and on the contrary, in July it is difficult to pay for a tour to a ski resort. Those who do not experience financial difficulties can travel year-round, from winter to summer.


Tourists have the following questions:

  1. Where and when to go to the sea, and you can relax the budget / there is nothing to refuse.
  2. Should I go to the Crimea, especially since it is now possible to travel there by car, so you can see how to organize a vacation there.
  3. Choose a beach holiday or ski, where to go, where it is cheaper / more expensive.
  4. Travel around Russia or prefer to go abroad.
  5. Choosing a place to stay: use camping, couchsurfing, a hotel offer or rent an apartment.
  6. It’s better to go with the children so that they feel comfortable and their parents calm.

Where to rest in 2019

Where to go to rest

Summer vacation

Budget directions

The cheapest destinations for a beach holiday:

  • Crimea,
  • Bulgaria,
  • Greece,
  • Sochi.

Where to rest in 2019As for the Crimeathen this is a great place to stay with children. The areas of the peninsula are filled with tourists from mid-June to mid-September. Adults often give preference to sanatoriums and boarding houses, young people to hotels, clubs and pubs, and children are sent to camps with an interesting wellness and sightseeing program. Children's directions are very popular since the days of the Soviet Union.

In Crimea, more than 500 beaches, to go everywhere for a vacation is not real. The best:

  1. Massandrovsky (Yalta),
  2. Fox Bay (Coastal-Resort),
  3. Tsar’s beach (between Cape Kapchik and Karaul Oba mountain),
  4. Cossack Bay (at Cape Chersonese),
  5. Yashmavy beach (at Cape Fiolent - to swim during the calm)
  6. Silent Cove (Koktebeyl),
  7. Laspi Bay (Between Yalta and Sevastopol),
  8. Beaches Tarkhankut,
  9. Golden Beach (Theodosia).

Where to rest in 2019Bulgaria- A very cheap option for recreation, but very diverse, with beautiful nature and ancient historical monuments and architectural heritage. There is no language barrier. On the territory of many castles and ancient streets, reminiscent of the Middle Ages. All excursion programs are interesting and diverse. In November, the tours there sharply fall in price, so that those who are not interested in bathing and beach holidays, can safely go to Bulgaria and spend a cheap but interesting vacation. Low price does not mean low quality, every tourist will be pleased with the trip. What to visit in Bulgaria:

  1. The ancient city - Nessebar and Sozopol,
  2. Melnik,
  3. Plovdiv - a city in which more than 200 attractions,
  4. Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria,
  5. Varna - the largest seaside resort,
  6. Castle in Ravadinovo,
  7. Shipka,
  8. Rila Monastery,
  9. Cape and Kaliakra fortress,
  10. Valley of roses.

Where to rest in 2019GreeceIn summer, youth life is in full swing, there are a lot of entertainment, clubs, bars, but attractions are not few. 10 places that attract the most tourists, based on their reviews:

  1. Athos - Alkhidiki, it is often visited by pilgrims.
  2. Samaria Gorge, Fr.Crete, the main natural attraction of Greece, a gorge of 10 miles long.
  3. Melissanis Cave, a large cave in eastern Kefalonia, surprises with its bright blue water when the sun shines on it.
  4. Delphi
  5. Meteors, monasteries are located on the bare high cliffs - a true example of the purest faith.
  6. Mount Pelion.
  7. Rhodes is a romantic and ancient city.
  8. Hydra Island - it is forbidden to travel on any transport, this city, a national landmark.
  9. Beach Navigio.
  10. Parthenon, Acropolis.

Where to rest in 2019Sochinot everyone will call a budget city, but if it is rational to spend money, you can spend no more than in Bulgaria. Sochi has become even more popular, after the Olympiad held there, the tourist infrastructure has developed a hundred times worth a visit there:

  • Stalin's Dacha (entrance is 300 rubles),
  • Arboretum (entrance and cable car as a whole for 450 rubles, if only the entrance is 250),
  • Adler Aquarium (entrance 800 rubles),
  • Olympic Park (admission is free, and on its territory there is a Sochi –park; the entrance for an adult is 1,650 rubles)
  • Abandoned sanatorium Ordzhonikidze,
  • Navaginskaya street
  • Historic Boulevard,
  • Krasnaya Polyana.

The table shows the average prices for tours with departure from Moscow to the places for recreation by the sea listed above.

Country city Price for two
Bulgaria (All Inclusive) For 10 days 65 000 rubles
Greece (All Inclusive) For 12 days, 60 000 rubles
Sochi (All Inclusive) For 7 days 55 000 rubles
Crimea (all inclusive) For 10 days 35 000 rubles
Expensive sea holiday options

Where to rest in 2019There are places where the rest is worth fabulous money. One day spent in the "paradise" is worth, as a whole ticket to a cheap resort for two weeks.

In the spotlightAtlantis - in Dubai, one day = 15,000 dollars.

In the Mediterranean there isisland - resort Isla de sa Ferradura and it is the most expensive resort in the world. A voucher costs 115,000 dollars.

Nesker Island on the Virgin IslandsThere are hotels that cost 30,000 dollars a day. Stay there, perhaps if the host family is not there.

There are plenty of such places, there is really incredible service, beautiful resorts, but only a select few can get there.

Of course, it is cheaper to rest in Russia, but in terms of energy, emotions, impressions, it can be compared with expensive tours abroad, the main thing is to take a good mood with you on the road.

Winter vacation

In winter, most tourists prefer ski resorts, but there are also many who want to go to the warm seaside.Moreover, year-round summer places abroad tend to lure as many people as possible, by lowering the prices of accommodation and services, and tour operators can offer a variety of hot tours that are really beneficial and will help you to relax in conditions that you can visit in the summer round sum.

The table shows the places where it is hot in winter and you can bathe in the sea and prices for tours.

A country Price for two for 7 days
Vietnam From 60 000 rubles
Turkey From 40 000 rubles
Maldives From 140 000 rubles
Indonesia From 100,000 rubles
Egypt From 40 000 rubles
Thailand From 60 000 rubles
India From 40 000 rubles

As you can see from the table in the winter you can get cheap in the summer and have a good rest.

Where to rest in 2019. Where to goWinter time is wonderful, ski resorts are gaining all the great popularity. With the development of tourism, it was previously expensive, it became budget and you can find a resort "affordable"

It is very interesting to spend New Year holidays and meet the New Year in the mountains. Visit closer to the sun and breathe the purest, albeit frosty air.

Here is a list of inexpensive but popular ski resorts:

  1. Elbrus, Dombai, Rosa Khutor, Arkhyz, Gudauri are all in the Caucasian mountains.
  2. Vitosha (Bulgaria).
  3. Bozhy-Dar (Czech Republic).
  4. Metabief. (France).
  5. Poiana Brasov (Romania).

The cost of staying there with accommodation and meals for 5-7 days for two will cost at least 50,000 - 65,000 rubles.

In order to get a good discount for the tour, it is better to use early booking, and the most comfortable hotel rooms will also be mainly in your location.

Spring vacation

Where to rest in 2019. Where to goSpring is the brightest, most tender and beautiful time. This is the time when you need to go traveling both in Russia and abroad. Special preference should be given to countries with old streets, rich in historical and cultural heritage. For this fit:

  1. Czech Republic,
  2. Italy,
  3. Portugal,
  4. Greece,
  5. Austria,
  6. England,
  7. France,
  8. China,
  9. Russia (Crimea),
  10. Morocco,
  11. Germany.

Autumn is a golden season

Where to rest in 2019. Where to goPractically until mid-October - in all resort areas it is still hot and you can swim in the sea, from September begins the velvet season, which is distinguished by its special beauty. Impressions of the autumn landscapes are the most enthusiastic, it is best to go to the mountains in the fall. The ski resort has not yet begun, and the cost of tours in the fall has already been significantly reduced.In addition, in the fall you can buy souvenirs at low cost, for example, in Abkhazia, a souvenir plate costs 500 rubles in the summer, and in October from 150. And so on all.

Accommodation during the holidays - what to prefer

If you choose a tour, then usually the choice falls on the type of hotels and hotels, there are also offers with apartments and cottages. However, if you plan your own vacation, consider a wider range of places of stay.

If a vacation is planned with several children, among whom are crumbs, it is better to rent an apartment or a cottage, this is convenient and profitable, you can cook the food yourself. But for those who want to relax from all the domestic fuss, you should choose hotels with all-inclusive type of accommodation.

Those who rest "savages" will be interesting to spend the night in tents, you can take them with you, or take off. In resort places it is safe. A good option, especially for those who want to save well - couchsurfing. There are actually many offers from hospitable people who are willing to provide shelter for free. This way of living is becoming increasingly popular.

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