What type of roof is the safest?

July 9, 2018
A private house

When building houses, whether it is a private cottage or an apartment high-rise building, architects pay a lot of attention to roof design. What type should be installed on an industrial building, and which type is suitable for a cottage? After all, it is important that the building was not only earthquake-resistant, but also aerodynamic (if the calculations are incorrect, the roof of the building is blown away by gusts of wind, and when the snow layers disappear, the roof can be torn apart).

Let's look at the types of roofing from krovpro.ru/montazh-krovli-i-fasadov/, and which of the following types are most suitable for a particular building.

What type of roof is the safest?

Saw A very common form, because it is used for the construction of country cottages. The advantage of this type is that the slope can be sent in the opposite direction, and in case of a snowfall, the property and human health will not suffer. By the way, this solution is very convenient not only in the winter, but also in any other season. Here you can order a roof of sandwich panels and at the same time solve the problem of roof insulation.

Gable or gable. Extremely dangerous roof, even with snow cutters.Duo-pitch roofers often make it too steep without thinking about the consequences. Industrial climbers have repeatedly warned of the dangers of such roofs, recommending to owners to contact high-altitude specialists if any problems arise. Often, in practice, climbers had to hang from the edge of such a roof, for example, to remove icicles, or to repair a drainpipe.

Какой вид крыши наиболее безопасен?

Flat. As a rule, it is fenced around the perimeter with a concrete or metal fence. It is used mainly in multi-storey high-rise buildings or industrial buildings (factories, warehouses). However, despite all the safe aspects, this type is extremely difficult to maintain, and often high-altitude workers do snow removal with a snow plow. In addition, if the roof has a concrete base, the replacement of the roof occurs much more often.

Semicircular. This type of install on hangars or agricultural premises. In addition to this, along the edges of the roof, gutters are made to collect rainwater. Peak roof has a concrete bracket that allows you to attach to it climber equipment, and the worker can easily move around the perimeter of the roof without the risk of falling down.If you want to carry out large-scale work, then on top of the bracket is a steel rod with a diameter of twenty-five inches, with a cap. Externally, very much like a nail. This device helps the climber to move across the roof, without unfastening the insurance.

Какой вид крыши наиболее безопасен?

It is important to know that any roofing work must be trusted by specialists, and in no case do not perform them yourself!

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