What is a tax refund when buying an apartment

As the tax code of the RussianFederation, if the size of the personal income tax base for income that is taxed at a rate of 13%, the taxpayer receives a property tax deduction in the amount that was spent on the acquisition of housing or a new construction in the territory of the Russian Federation. In this case, thetax refund when buying an apartment.

There are also restrictions on the return of the tax, for example, iftax refund when buying an apartmentis possible when the amount of repayment does not exceed two million rubles, which are made without taking into account the amounts directed to pay off interest on the targeted loans and loans. And further,tax refund when buying a quano rubbing occurs if the non-residential premises, land or dacha were purchased.

To carry out such a procedure astax refund when buying an apartment, the following documents are required:

- 2 photocopies of the passport - registration and front;

- photocopy and original TIN;

- contract of sale of this property;

- an act of acceptance and transfer, in this casenecessary such payment documents, which confirm all production costs. It can be - receipts for PKO, cash vouchers, bank statements, commodity checks, receipts of receipt of money from the seller.

- certificate of income - 2 PIT for each year separately;

- a certificate that confirms the state registration of the right in the registration chamber;

- tax return, also separately for each year.

Tax declaration is necessary correctlyfill in, after which time for its consideration is about three months. During this time it will be necessary to have a bank book, if one is not available, so that the money has been transferred. After the declaration is considered, and all of the above actions are fulfilled, it is necessary to write an application to the tax authority about the transfer of funds. And after that within one month the money will be transferred to the specified bank account.

In this way,tax refund when buying an apartment- The operation is not very simple, but if you follow all directions, then it is possible to carry out the procedure quickly and correctly.

To implementincome tax refund for the apartment, a share or a house, it is necessary to take into account that the process is carried out on the basis of expenses:

- for the purchase of a house, an apartment or a share in them since January 1, 2007;

- to purchase a house together with a land plot from the moment of January 1, 2010;

- for the finishing of housing, if it was purchased without finishing;

- to design an apartment, a house, as well as to connect networks during the construction of a house.

To perform this procedure, you needapplication for tax refund, which will reflect all the revenues received for the tax period, it will also be necessary to indicate the sources of their payment. This application must be submitted to the tax authority.

Some tax authorities sometimes violate the deadlinereturn tax when buying an apartment, and therefore from January 1, 2005, the legislature established a law on the receipt of a tax deduction on the acquisition of housing, directly, before the end of the tax period for the employer. And for this, it is necessary for the taxpayer to apply to the tax authority with all the documents that confirm his right to tax deduction. It is also necessary to attach documents to the apartment or house and such documents that confirm the carrying out of the taxpayer's expenses for the purchase of an apartment, a house or for their construction. The application is reviewed within 30 days, then the notice of receipt of the tax refund comes.

In order not to cause trouble and misunderstandings, it is worthwhile to seek the help of professional lawyers and lawyers who will help to avoid all mistakes.

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