What is a parable?

What is a parable?

  • Sometimes I want to bring to the listener something important, necessary and for this I have to use examples that are understandable to the listener. For example, a shepherd - with the example of sheep, the driver by example - cars, a doctor on the example of diseases ...

    A short story that carries spiritual information is a parable.

    Sometimes it is said that a parable is an earthly story with heavenly meaning.

    Jesus Christ told many people about heaven about many parables. For example, the parable of the lost sheep, the lost drachma ...

  • The parable is a short story that teaches you to be wiser. This is not an anecdote, over which he laughed and immediately forgot, it is a tale filled with meaning, over which you have to think, ponder. And not always the meaning of the parable lies in the mind, it is necessary to understand the very essence of what is said.

  • Parable, this is a short, short story that tells what it is about. And at the same time it forces the satellite to understand what happened and why, how to act in such cases and how it is not necessary. For example, in the movie "The Caucasian Captive", there is a mountaineer, before the first toast told a small parable. What they say is a small but very proud bird, fighting off a pack, said: I'll fly to the very Sun! And then she flew up to him, burned her wings, then fell and crashed at the very bottom, the deepest gorge. After that, the saying Toast said: So let us drink to the fact that none of us, no matter how high he rose, never broke away from the collective! And they drank it for it. Of course this is a humorous parable. In general this is a short story, but which usually teaches something, which has a moral and profound meaning.

  • The parable is a short, in most cases, fictional story that contains moral teaching or spiritual instruction.

    Proverbs are an effective method of teaching.

    They were used by Jesus, when he tried to convey to the hearts of people the truth about the Kingdom of God.

    To show how loving and merciful is the heavenly Father, he told the parable of the prodigal son (Luke 15: 11-32) and the lost sheep (Luke 15: 1,2).

    The famous parable of the good Samaritan teaches us to show kindness and help those who need it (Luke 10: 30-37).

    Almost all the prophets and servants of God who participated in writing the Bible used parables, or examples, which help to better understand the truths of the word of God and affect the heart of sincere people.

  • The parable is sometimes akin to folk folklore and is as instructive as many folk tales, stories and fables. Wikipedia gives them a completely unambiguous definition, even equating them to some extent with fables. But only the fables are often composed by literary, very specific authors. And parables are born in the depths of folk retelling and carry in themselves the entire accumulated experience of observation, popular wisdom and irony.

    What is a parable?

    The parable is most likely an integral part of the folk epic, with a certain amount of irony and a lot of allegories. Short parables are able to draw quite general conclusions and give instructive advice where, in other cases, long tedious stories would be required. It is the parable that is used by an experienced toastmaster, preparing another instructive toast. And to the parables of our grandmothers is sometimes to listen and find in them a lot of interesting, aptly noticed and instructive.

    Widely known were the biblical parables in particular, the parables of King Solomon. But this is a completely different story.

    What is a parable?
  • Parable- this is a short story in an allegorical form, based on historical events or phenomena of the surrounding world, with a clear moral connotation. The purpose of the parable is to fix a moral or spiritual thought. In the parable the transfer of historical facts or natural phenomena is only approximate, therefore some facts may be distorted or unreliable.

  • The parable is called an instructive story, invented or truthful, designed to instruct young, inexperienced people to behave most sensibly.

    For example, there is a parable instructing that it is not good to lie, and if you lie, you can shake the bitter fruit. This is a parable about a shepherd.

    People told him that if the shepherd were to graze the sheep, suddenly wolves would attack the sheep, so that he would shout loudlyWolves! Wolves!

    And the shepherd decided to poprikalyvatsya and just started screamingWolves!

    People resorted to him to help, but there were no wolves.

    This happened several times.

    Once upon a time, wolves came. The shepherd started screamingWolves! Wolves!

    And people thought that he was making fun of them again and did not come to his aid.

    This led to the wolves zagryzli sheep and the shepherd.

    Here is such an instructive parable. He who knows does not act as recklessly as a shepherd.

  • The parable is a kind of moral teachings, beautiful allegorical stories, presented in an entertaining form for the reader, and as a rule, always have in their content the idea, meaning, or some conclusion that the author is trying to convey.

  • The parable is practically a fable in prose. From the fable the parable differs in that e heroes, in contrast to the heroes of fables, are less metaphorical and less fairy-tale than what, and it seems like a fable that, like the fable in the parable, there is an obvious morality that completes the parable.

    PS Once a fool was asked what a parable was, a fool thought about it, fell silent and did not tell the questioners how they did not fight, not a word.

    Then went inquiring to the sage, and he was asked what a parable is. The sage pondered and said that the parable is the great wisdom that the wisest, leaving the great, make very simple.

    The convergence of the rationality of the wise man's speeches was struck and asked laughing about how they asked about what a fool's parable was and how he did not say a word. The wise man gloomed and said to the questioners: in vain you laugh at that simple-hearted man, for the silence of that fool was much wiser than my speeches!

    After all, the silver of words, always more valuable than the silent knowledge of the truth

    PPS Here is such an impromptu came out, Wah!)))

  • Under such a notion as a parable is meant small stories that in their content teach wisdom and moral actions. Proverbs from beginning to end are always filled with meaning, which is really acting in life.

  • The parable is a story with a certain moral value, an idea giving direct instructions to its reader. Parable than something similar to the fable in its content and comes to us in an allegorical form.

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