What girls like boys?

The exact list of qualities for which the boysfall in love with girls, does not exist, because all people are different and each person has his own taste. Someone will like skinny, someone - more figurine girls. One boy will like a blonde, and another - a brunette. But nevertheless there are some features of appearance, character, which are positively received by the majority of representatives of the stronger sex. We will tell about them in this article.



Boys, as well as adult men,highly appreciate in women the ability to look perfect in their outfits. So the question of what girls like boys, you can definitely answer that they are women with a neat manicure, with radiant clean hair, laid in a beautiful hairstyle, with neat shoes and neat clothes.


Although not all men understand the femalefashion, but they still like women who wear dresses. It looks always very nice, tender, attractive - feminine. Therefore, in the wardrobe of a girl who wants to like peers, there must necessarily be some pretty dresses. Also, do not interfere with various interesting hairpins, jewelry (beads, earrings, bracelets), scarves, hats and other accessories.


Boys often like girls:

  • Smiling. Go to a serious beauty kid, most likely, is ashamed or even afraid, while a friendly (and maybe even a little coquettish) smile will have to get to know.
  • Sociable. Often, it is difficult for a boy to take the first step and become acquainted with the girl he likes. Therefore, the willingness of a woman to become the initiator of acquaintance is always a big plus.
  • Bold, resolute. The ability to make decisions in difficult situations, willpower is also what girls like boys. Just let your knight still be stronger than you, otherwise he will feel weak.
  • Polite and cultured. Most boys and men do not treat very well vulgar and vulgar women who do not know how to behave in society. It is often a shame to be near such a lady.
  • Good. No matter how beautiful the girl is, an evil character can scare the boy away. A real lady is always benevolence, softness of character, respectful attitude towards elders, love of nature, animals, desire to help those who need it.

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