What is the date of the Red Hill in 2019?

“Unbeliever Thomas!” - throws a man in the hearts of his opponent, without even thinking about where this phrase came from. But it is the incredulous Thomas who is the “culprit” of the holiday, which is popularly called the Red Hill.

Red Hill in 2019: date

The date of the celebration of the Red Hill is tied to the date of Easter: it is celebrated exactly one week later. Therefore, the number is easy to determine yourself. Kohl Easter in 2019 falls on April 28, then the Red Hill, respectively, on May 5.

Red Hill - not official, not reflecting the essence and meaning of the name of the holiday. In the Orthodox Orthodox calendar, it is called Fomin Day, and the whole week following it - Fomin Week. On the eighth day after Easter, the church remembers one of the apostles of Christ, Thomas. He was "glorified" by not believing other apostles, who said that they had seen the risen Christ. This happened after the Crucifixion, when the disciples, fearing their fellow tribesmen, sat in a closed room and literally shook with fear.It was at this tragic moment that Christ appeared before them, having passed through the closed door.

Thomas was absent at this time. When the disciples told him about what had happened, he exclaimed: “I will not believe for anything until I see and put my fingers into the wounds of Christ” (hence the well-known saying about Thomas). The Bible says that 7 days passed after this conversation, and on the eighth day Christ came to the followers again. He turned to Thomas with a proposal to examine his wounds, touch them with his fingers and move from the category of unbelievers to believers. After this, Thomas exclaimed: “My Lord and my God!”, Thereby recognizing in his beloved Master, He was and always remains God, the Lord.

doubting Thomas

Traditions say that after this confession of faith, the Apostle Thomas, who is also Gemini, was a zealous servant of Christ and a zealous preacher of the Gospel - the Good News that Christ paid with his death for human sin, and Sunday justified all those who were in Him believe. Thomas passed with a sermon Palestine, Mesopotamia, and reached India, telling the pagans about the Risen Christ.

How did the name "Red Hill"

The traditional name was inherited from pagan Rus. In early April, when the sun begins to warm and the first flowers appear, they organized festivities in honor of the pagan deities of fertility and love. Very early, still dark, young girls climbed one of the hills (on a beautiful, “red” hill) in anticipation of dawn. At a glimpse of the first rays, they began to call spring.

An integral part of the ceremony were the songs of "spring". The youth sang them during the festivities, which from the slides flowed smoothly into the streets. At the festivities, the young guys looked out for themselves brides, and those who have already made their choice - they were wooing. Friends came to the couples who got married a year ago, sang to them at a health center, and the owners treated them with cakes and painted eggs.

Red Hill Wedding in 2019

Fomin day, he is Red Hill - since ancient times, weddings. Previously, it was associated with the lifestyle of the people. In winter, weddings were rarely walked, then the fast began, during which they did not marry. A few weeks after Easter was a good time for the wedding - then it was time for hot work, which lasted until the end of the harvest.Therefore, lovers were in a hurry to seize the moment.

If before the arrival of Christianity, weddings were timed to the beginning of spring, the awakening and beautification of nature, then in the Orthodox tradition Fomin day is the most favorable for concluding a union. This is the last day of Easter services and the first day after Lent, when it was allowed to perform the sacrament of the wedding. In 2019, the wedding can begin to play from May 5, the day of remembrance of the Apostle Thomas, popularly referred to as the Red Hill.

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