What are the subjects in grade 5? List 2018-2019

A child in primary school is hard to learn. It is a fact. But the transition to the 5th grade for children is much more difficult. Why? New teachers, new requirements, new subjects ... Often, due to unbearable loads, children's performance decreases, fatigue and frequent illnesses are observed. Therefore, many parents are interested in the question: what subjects in grade 5 will be studied? You will find the subject list for 2018-2019 in this article.


Difficulties 5th grade

When studying in elementary school, the child has become accustomed to a certain teacher, a certain attitude towards himself. And here in one moment everything changes:

  1. Someone from classmates enters a new school.
  2. Sometimes there is a union of students from parallel classes.
  3. New items are added.
  4. There are many new teachers with their own requirements, to which they have to get used.

What are the subjects in grade 5? List 2018-2019

For most children in Russia, such changes cause severe stress. Therefore, parents play an important role in adapting a child to new learning environments.

Grade 5: what subjects are studied?

After completing the 4th grade, many children - who are with joyful impatience, who are wary - are waiting for an important event in their life - the transition from elementary school to secondary school.

And waiting for fifth graders is something:

  • meetings with several new teachers at once instead of one familiar elementary school teacher;
  • opportunities to look at the physics and biology classrooms that were inaccessible before and have long been attracting with their exhibits;
  • acquaintance with new subjects, and subjects in 5th grade amaze with their diversity:
Subject Who leads the subject
1 Russian language The teacher of Russian language and literature
2 Literature
3 Mathematics Mathematics teacher (from the 7th grade he will lead algebra and geometry, that is, 2 separate subjects)
4 Computer science In some schools with 2-3 classes as an elective. In some schools from grade 6. Conducted by a computer science teacher
5 Foreign language This item starts from grade 2. Only one language can be learned.
6 Nature study Biology teacher
7 Geography Geography teacher
8 History The teacher of history and social studies
9 Social Studies
10 Music Music teacher and singing
11 FROM Drawing teacher
12 life safety fundamentals OBZH teacher
13 Physical Education Physical education teacher
14 Technology There are changes after primary school. The class is divided into 2 groups (boys and girls). Only up to grade 8

In some schools of Russia, as well as in Moscow, additional subjects are being studied. These can be the following lessons:

  • Regional studies.
  • Rhetoric.
  • ODKNR (fundamentals of the spiritual and moral culture of the peoples of Russia).

Parent help

Even in the 3rd and 4th grades, the child learns the basic concepts of Russian language and mathematics. This training is always fast. It seems that the child teaches everything diligently. But does he know everything so well?

Often, during the Russian language lessons in the 5th grade, the Russian teacher, for example, asks for the name of a particular part of speech. Children pull hands, willingly respond. But! You can hear a lot of answers to the question. This suggests that the basic knowledge of many children is missing or forgotten during the summer holidays.

Why is this happening? The fact is that in elementary school in the classroom and at home, these concepts jagged, but did not fully realize. And to understand the material did not work.

In the minds of the guys who have switched to the 5th grade, there really is a lot of knowledge. But how to use them, children do not always know how.

It is important: to form the child's ability to hear and analyze, retrieve the necessary information from the memory and it is logical to build the answer.

In the 5th grade many new items will be added. And here the ability of a child to work with printed matter, with text, with a word comes to the fore.

Recently, there has been a decline in the ability to analyze textual information:

  • highlight the most important;
  • find the right answer to the question asked.

Modern children are much easier to do. They "google" information on the Internet. The list out sites where you can read the answer to the question.

Of course, modern technologies have simplified life, but at the same time, we must ensure that the child learns to highlight the main information himself. To do this, in the 4th grade, while completing assignments in literature or environmental studies, discuss the readings with the child, ask him questions on the topic.

What are the subjects in grade 5? List 2018-2019

How to help the future fifth grader in the summer?

Grade 5 material usually begins with a repetition of facts about the subject that are already familiar from elementary school. If the child was good at elementary school, then it will not be difficult for him to recall the material studied.

If the student had difficulties in learning, then parents should think about helping the child to improve knowledge before school. A good solution in this case would be:

  • "Summer School" in a private training center;
  • tutoring classes.

It is also recommended during the holidays to give the future fifth-grader good books that are age appropriate. And this does not necessarily have to be the literature that children will learn in class. Quite the contrary! It is better to read what the school does not pass. Otherwise, interest in reading is lost.

Often the guys who have switched to the 5th grade over the summer forget how to write some letters. Give them small texts, which need to be rewritten without errors in a notebook. This will form the attention and spelling vigilance of the student.

During the holidays, travel with children, expand their knowledge of countries and cities, rivers and oceans. This will broaden the horizons of the child, allow him to more quickly navigate the school curriculum.

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