What and how to paint a wooden door

August 29, 2013
Renovation of apartments

How to paint wooden doorsIn the process of repair it is often necessary to update wooden doors with the help of painting. It so happens that the door itself is still strong and made of good and durable wood, but the layer of paint has already peeled off and is covered with cracks, therefore the door needs new painting. Also, the issue of staining wooden doors may arise when installing new door products. Often, people think that the store already sells painted doors, but in fact such a door needs to be painted with several layers of paint after installation.

When self-repairing many staining mistresses seems to be the easiest part of the work, in fact, this process should be given attention and time. Even the most expensive repairs can spoil the traces of the brush on the wooden doors, so you should perform the work, carefully observing the technology of painting. Painting wooden doors is not much different from working with other wooden products, so special difficulties should not arise.

For work you will need the following materials and tools:

  1. Paint for doors
  2. Masking tape
  3. Two brushes (narrow and wide)
  4. Paint tray
  5. Solvent

Preparation for painting wooden maidens

  • First, the door must be removed from the hinges and moved to a place for painting. Putting the door on the floor is not worth it, it is better to put it vertically - so it is more convenient to paint.
  • If the door is old and paint flakes on it, it is better to clean the surface of the product with emery paper or, if the paint is removed poorly, remove a few millimeters with a plane. It is necessary to thoroughly clean the surface of the door from the old paint, otherwise the new one will not fall flat.
  • How to paint a wooden door with varnish

  • If necessary, shpatlyut cracks and other defects on the surface of the door, which may be formed due to the age of the product. After putty and its drying, the surface of the door sanding sandpaper.
  • You need to check that the door quietly entered the doorway, because the new layers of paint will give it volume. Also at the same time you can check the door accessories.
  • Next, you should prepare a place for painting - cover it with film or paper. Protective material should be sufficient, it is better if the meter in each direction.
  • If the door with glass inserts, then to protect the glass using masking tape.It is also used when painting doors in two colors, protecting areas of a different shade. You can also glue the paper to the glass with soap or smear the glass with vinegar - this will allow you to quickly remove the paint droplets when they hit the glass.
  • It is better to remove the door handles when painting in order to avoid their contamination and to prevent gaps on the paint surface. If the handle is not removed, it can be tightly wrapped with foil. In the process of painting should avoid getting paint inside the door lock. To avoid this, you can use pieces of scotch.
  • Brushes for dyeing choose soft - such that they do not leave marks on the surface of the product.
  • If the selected paint is too thick, it is diluted with a suitable thinner, which is usually indicated by the manufacturers on the label. If the paint is too thin, the doors are placed flat, otherwise smudges may form.

Wooden door painting

how to paint an old wooden doorAt this stage, proceed directly to the painting of the door. Door jambs and canvas should be painted separately. Usually they begin to apply paint on the doorposts, and after they are completely dry they apply paint on the door itself.This is done so that in the process of work you do not accidentally hook on some part and not damage the paint.

Wooden doors, as a rule, are painted in several layers, but at the same time each previous layer must be completely dry. If you start immediately or after an hour to apply paint, then you can easily damage the first layer and in this case you will have to remove the paint that has already been applied and start all over again.

When painting doors, the less paint on the brush, the better - it will save the door from stains and stains. Apply the paint should be a thin layer, waiting for it to dry completely. Do not rush when painting wooden doors, because in a hurry you can spoil all the work.

The period of complete drying of the paint depends on its type, but usually after a couple of days the door can be fully used.

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