Weather for New Year in Moscow 2018

The ideal weather for the New Year in Moscow 2018 is when there is a small frost outside the yard, creaky white snow under your feet, sparkling snowflakes slowly fall from the sky and there is no wind at all. No one wants to walk through the mud and look sadly at the elegant Christmas tree, wetting in the rain.


Long New Year holidays are waiting for residents and guests of the metropolitan metropolis, so many hope that the weather in January will not let you down, and they can have fun not only in the city, but also in nature.

Weather Forecast from Weather Center

The director of the Metropolitan Region Hydrometeorological Bureau, A. Lyakhov, has already announced that the New Year's Eve is expected to be cold. The temperature outside will be within 6-11 degrees of frost. Snow cover will be small but steady. In the afternoon of December 31, the weather will be quite comfortable with a temperature of minus 1-6 degrees Celsius. Therefore, Muscovites without problems will be able to prepare for the New Year celebrations. There will be no traffic jams on the streets of the capital associated with blizzards and drifts.At night, it may pass a little snow, which does not create special problems on the streets of the capital. All Muscovites may not worry about a timely return home after walking around colorful Moscow or celebrating the New Year outside the city. The snow cover in the Moscow region for New Year's Eve does not increase by more than 1 cm.

Weather for New Year in Moscow 2018

On the morning of January 1, a slight increase in temperature is expected. The air temperature will approach zero. It may sleet and on the street will not be very comfortable. Towards evening, the thermometer will begin to fall and light frost will come again. You can safely go out and enjoy the New Year festive landscapes of Moscow. Such bliss is unlikely to be felt by motorists returning from suburban villas and recreation areas. Trails outside the city can grab the ice, so it is better to refrain from traveling in the evening and at night on January 1. The situation in the city may be more favorable, although here everything depends on the work of public utilities. If they make the processing of city streets in time with an anti-icing agent, drivers will not have to beware. You can safely go by car to visit, theaters, entertainment centers, etc.

If you doubt the long-term forecast of the Weather Center for the New Year holidays in 2018, you can contact the specialists of other meteorological services, such as: Gismeteo or Phobos. True, these respected organizations give a forecast of a maximum of a month in advance. It seems that one month is enough for you to prepare for the New Year in a timely manner and plan your Christmas holidays.

Forecast for Moscow in January 2018

Forecasters have long learned to make a preliminary forecast for several months in advance, because they have many years of experience in observing the temperature regime in a particular region. Based on the analysis of weather in previous years, the specialists of the Hydrometeorological Center have already published a weather forecast for Moscow and the Moscow region for January 2018. So, the picture is as follows:

  • First five daysJanuary will be characterized by daytime temperatures from 0 to -5 ° C, at night - minus 3-6 ° C.
  • January 6 to 8inclusively cold to 16-18 ° C during the day and to 21 ° C at night.
  • BeginningJanuary 9 to 12The usual temperature will be established with temperature indices: in the daytime - minus 3-5 ° С, and at night minus 6-9 ° С.
  • From January 13 to 19warm weather will be observed with daytime temperatures ranging from 0 to minus 3 ° С and night temperatures of 0-8 ° С.
  • 20,21,22Epiphany frosts will begin, which last only three days: in the daytime - minus 7-16 ° С, and at night - minus 16-20 ° С.
  • 23 to 28unstable weather will occur with temperature fluctuations: in the daytime from +1 to 11 ° С, and at night from minus 4 ° С to minus 16 ° С.
  • 29, 30, 31January will come warming: in the daytime from +6 ° С to minus 2 ° С and at night - from +3 to minus 8 ° С.

Rainfall in January will fall within the normal range. In the days of warming sleet may be observed. For the upcoming winter, you need to stock up on waterproof shoes, as there will be a sufficient amount of days when there will be slush under your feet. Hurricane and squally winds will not be observed in January either.

Weather for New Year in Moscow 2018. Forecast for the month

How can you spend the New Year holidays

As can be seen from the forecast for January 2018 from the Hydrometeorological Center, the weather in the metropolitan area will favor the active recreation of Muscovites and guests of the capital.

In the New Year holidays, children, along with their parents, will be able to visit the numerous Christmas trees of Moscow and relish from the ice slides. Guests of Moscow can slowly walk through the streets of the capital and enjoy the festive decoration and numerous illuminations of the metropolis.

Fans of country or country rest can safely go out of the city and enjoy the beauty of the winter Moscow region. In the days of the Christmas holidays, many tourist bases are opened, where you can easily rent: skis, skates, snowboards, etc. There is nothing better, in good weather to take a walk in the woods or the park. Fans of ice fishing can also enjoy the upcoming weather.

We remind you that before planning your outdoor recreation in January 2018, it is better to clarify the weather forecast for weather services Phobos and Gismeteo. This will protect your vacation and give you the opportunity to gain strength and health.

Abnormal Yanvari in Moscow

1941 This year the coldest January was observed in Moscow. The thermometer reached forty degrees, and steadily kept all three months of winter. All this was accompanied by strong winds and frequent snowfalls. Many people suffered from frostbite.
1961 The warmest January. The temperature most of the month was about and above degrees. There was almost no snow cover.
1994 The snowiest winter. Drifts reached meter height.
2011 Frequent rains turned Moscow into a real rink.Everything froze: trees, bushes, buildings, etc.

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