We select a bedspread for the bedroom.

We select a bedspread for the bedroom

We select a bedspread for the bedroom

The bed is the most important element of any bedroom. And the coverlet that you select for it will help set the mood of the whole room. The veil more elegant and luxurious, the richer and more beautiful the bedroom looks.

Bilateral bedspreads are especially popular today. As a rule, one side is motley, and the other is monophonic. So just turning it over, you can easily change the design of the entire room.

There are several types.

Plaid or simple bedspread. It is sewn under the parameters of the bed. For the seamy side lining fabric is used which is similar in color. As decoration used decorative tape.

Spathe with frill. It perfectly emphasizes the romantic style of the room. The shape of the frills does not matter, as long as the result is an original and interesting product. In addition, decorative braid and lace are used.

Difficult For its sewing takes several types of fabric.Frills, bows, ruffles are used as decorative elements.

Counterpane. Has a lining and perfectly warms in a cold winter time. The shape of the bedspread is set by stitches on it.

Selecting this piece of furniture, you should remember a few rules.

If the room is small, for it is better to choose this item to match the walls and floor. Otherwise, the bed will look too bulky and fill the entire space of the bedroom. Also, the white covers that reflect daylight well will help to visually increase the size of the room.

For a cool and dark room, a blanket of warm colors, such as peach, pink or yellow, is better. It will make the atmosphere more comfortable, cozier and softer. If the bedroom, on the contrary, is warm and bright, stop your choice on a single-color bedspread of pastel color.

It is necessary to carefully treat the cold shades and with a shiny surface. Although they add notes of ceremonialness, they can cause alienation and rejection.

Fabrics with a large expressive ornament will help to make the room more colorful: floral motifs, floral patterns, plot sketches.

To give the bedroom a luxurious look will help the bedspreads made of satin and fleecy fabrics.

Also keep in mind that the bedcover must be in harmony with the color of the curtains and be made of similar or similar fabric. All together must meet the style and interior of the room.

As for the size, it is necessary that it always hangs from the bed, completely covering the bed linen.

In order for the composition to be complete, it is good to pick up a few pillows from a similar or, on the contrary, contrast fabric to the bedspread.

The cover will be a great gift for your dear and beloved people. But remember that it must be made of natural fabric. It is pleasant to the body and will not cause allergies.

In modern stores, there is a huge assortment of bedspreads that differ in different parameters: texture, decoration, color. The most popular products are trademarks SailD, Arya, Valtery, Tango, Verossa, which you can buy in our online store at affordable prices.

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