"Vaterplag" - material for a quick stop leaks

What is the "Vaterplag" gidroplomba for?

In cases where the waterproofing of building structures is performed poorly or not at all, there is a risk of leakage. Most often, leaks occur at the joints and abutments of building structures, poorly vibrated concrete, cracks, and the passage of utilities through building structures, etc. At the same time, depending on the magnitude of the pressure of water, according to the degree of intensity, leaks can be drip, and can be a real fountain. Waterproofing in such cases, of course, must be restored. However, it will be possible to restore it only after blocking all active leaks. For such situations there are special "emergency" materials - hydraulic seals. They then serve to quickly eliminate active leaks. One of the most popular and effective representatives among the seals is WaterPlag from the world famous manufacturer of waterproofing materials, Penetron Russia.

"Vaterplag" is a dry mix based on special cement and quartz sand with a complex of chemically active substances. Supplied in airtight plastic buckets packing 5, 10 and 25 kg. Thanks to high-quality packaging, the material is well kept even outside at temperatures as low as -60˚and any moisture without losing its characteristics. The material is environmentally safe and can be used when stopping leaks through structures in contact with drinking water during operation.

Such material works due to two basic properties: resistance to erosion and short setting times. The Waterplug clutches in 2-3 minutes even under the pressure of water, while it also expands. Thanks to these features with the help of "Vaterplag" you can even eliminate pressure leaks through reinforced concrete and stone structures.

Application of the hydraulic seal "Vaterplag"

The stopping of active leaks using the Waterplug material is performed in 2 stages.

The first stage is preparation. First you need to find the very place where the water comes from. After that, a cavity with a minimum depth of 5 cm in the form of a “swallow tail” and a minimum width of 2.5 cm is performed at the leakage point using a perforatorafter which the cavity must be cleaned of destroyed concrete and dirt. It is imperative to observe safety measures when working with power tools and to avoid the ingress of water on it, as the device pressure of the cavity can dramatically increase.

The second step is directly blocking the leak. Work needs to be done fairly quickly, because after 3 minutes the material will set and will not be suitable for use. After preparation of the cavity, it is necessary to prepare a hard homogeneous cone from the mortar mixture of the material, then immediately press it in one motion into the cavity of the leak and hold it until it solidifies. The size of the cone should not exceed the size of the cavity. The cavity at the same time is filled only 2.5 cm in its depth. The remaining 2.5 cm cavities will be designed for subsequent waterproofing with a special suture waterproofing material “Penecrit”.

The fact is that “Vaterplag” is intended only for stopping active leaks, and it cannot be used as a long-term waterproofing. This material is one of the line of materials for waterproofing the Penetron system, each material from which solves a certain task, and, if necessary, they are used in the complex.

The skills to work with this material are acquired fairly quickly, so even an unprepared person can solve the problem of blocking leaks. Currently, Waterplag is widely used to block active leaks at a variety of objects: residential high-rise buildings, private cottages, tanks for various purposes (including storage of drinking water) and even underground tunnels. The high quality and efficiency of the material, guaranteed by the manufacturer, at a very affordable price, makes Waterplug one of the leaders among materials of similar purpose.

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