War and Peace of the Torbeyev spouses - film of 2018

  • Name:"War and Peace of the Torbeyevs".
  • Country of Origin:Russia.
  • Producer:Andrey Silkin.
  • Genre:melodrama.
  • Category:mini-series.
  • release datein the Russian Federation:The premiere took place on December 1, 2017, the release of the new release is scheduled for 2018 (the exact date is not set).
  • Age limit:12+.
  • Time:50 minutes.

In 2018 another part of the multiseries film “War and Peace of the Spouses of the Torbeyevs” will be released on television, which will be the sequel to the two existing series. A viewer who is searching for an emotional picture with a keen intrigue can definitely pay attention to this piece.

Narration: how, about what, for whom

The pretentious name “War and Peace” refers a person to the immortal literary creation of L. Tolstoy, but in modern work from this famous masterpiece only this phrase will remain. The action will revolve around an ordinary married couple - Vlad and Alena Torbeyev, who have been married for over 20 years.Long adapted to relatively harmonious coexistence, they apparently lost all past feelings in the whirl of routine events.

Once the family, which also includes a daughter, a young girl named Rita, is shocked by the unexpected news - Vlad decides to leave his women and associate life with the new passion Olga. However, for Alena, such an act becomes like a bolt from the blue. She understands that she does not want to lose her opponent, and therefore between the hot-tempered and proud ladies a real fight for the trophy begins - the heart and thoughts of a man. The time of a sluggish peace is coming to an end, and an era of war is opening, in which both the words spoken and the actions performed will become the main instruments. The most diverse people will be drawn into the troubles of a difficult story, and Vlad and Allen will suddenly realize in the heat of the “battle” - with a resurgent force they begin to pull towards each other ...

war and peace spouses torbeevyh 2018

Important! The series uses adults, even if not fully disclosed, themes and concepts, so it is logical to conclude that it is designed for a mature adult audience.

Guest Stars

Despite the fact that the trailer for the new part of the War and Peace of the Spouses of the Torbeyevs of 2018 was not released,loyal fans of the series know that key actors who have already performed their roles earlier will remain unchanged. These are the following artists:

  • Alena - Alena Khmelnitsky (“Hearts of Three”, “Black Wolves”, “Do not Renounce Love”, “Lily of the Valley Silver”);
  • Vlad - Mikhail Policemaiko ("Hello, we are your roof!", "Day of the radio", "72 meters", "Down House", "Between us, girls");
  • Olga - Irina Barinova (Sklifosovsky, Survive After, Zhurov);
  • Margarita - Anastasia Chernyshova.

Background roles in the film will also be played by professionals in their field, namely:

  • Kirill (Rita's young man) - Vladimir Guskov;
  • Lebedev - Alexander Arsentiev;
  • Marina - Daria Fecklenko;
  • Nastya - Natalia Garanina;
  • Sveta - Tatiana Filatova;
  • Alena in her youth - Maria Segal;
  • Vlad in his youth - Vladislav Ghandrabura;
  • Alena's coach - Vladimir Butenko.

war and peace spouses torbeevyh 2018

Director's personality

Responsible for the direction of the project was the same Andrei Nikolaevich Silkin. This film industry leader gained his fame as a producer and producer thanks to the successful and beloved public TV series “Margosha” (Season 2 and 3). However, this serial tape - not the only one in his record of service.He also oversaw the following pictures:

  • "Zaza" (2008, rating of critics and viewers - 7.39);
  • “Court” (2009 / 7.05);
  • Cupid (2011 / 6,40);
  • “Deal” (2012 / 6.38);
  • “Think like a woman” (2013 / 5.39);
  • “Practice” (2014-2018 / 7,34);
  • “The diary of a first grader’s mom” (2014 / 5.98);
  • “Restless Site” (2014 / 5.79);
  • "Curious Barbara 3" (2015 / 6.62).

The director has already managed to establish himself by creating a considerable number of projects that appealed to ordinary viewers and film experts. This is reflected in user reviews that are equal to or greater than average. In addition, Silkin proved that he is able to combine laughter and tears, fun and sadness, touching and indifference, self-sacrifice and selfishness in one creation, in one word, to depict the whole palette of colors present in real life.

Film as part of the genre

The mini-series continues to reveal the theme of confrontation between people who love or have never loved each other. Over time, certain canons have been developed here.

In "The War of the Spouses of Rose," directed by Danny DeVito (1989), where her husband insists on preserving marriage, the main characters first divide their home into 2 separate halves, and then proceed to "military action." In the film, which received a rating of 7.5 points, some essential features for this subject are found - this is saturation, sufficient speed in the development of the plot, the use of excellent, sometimes genuine black, humor, spectacular scenes of conflict. Of course, it is impossible to do without the sentimentality, warmth, kindness framing all of the above.

Another example is Peyton Reed's comedy melodrama “American Divorce” (2006), telling how a couple decides to end official relations due to the dissimilarity of characters. However, when it comes time to perform real actions, not one wants to become the initiator of the break and be the first to move out of an already equipped apartment. In order to push their half to this, both husband and wife begin to arm themselves with the support of their acquaintances, friends and relatives, which also reminds of some moments from the “War and Peace of the Spouses of the Torbeyevs”. The audience noted that here the most charming sides were the sincerity, romance and simplicity, which helped to understand: this is how marriage can be destroyed, and this is how to save.

Russian cinema in the person of Andrei Silkin is ready to give a decent response to Western films. Whether the mini-series will replenish the collection of creations with a happy ending or will end prosaically, honestly, toughly, it is unclear. However, the more interesting, because the intrigue retained by the director only stirs the audience interest.

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