Volunteer book: how to get a document

To date, such activities are popularas volunteering. It involves the voluntary performance of any work. Usually socially significant services are provided to help a person realize themselves. In carrying out certain work, the volunteer gets skills, participates in the development of projects, obtains experience. This requires a volunteer book. How to get it? This procedure is simple, you only need to consider a few nuances.

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volunteer book how to get

At present, the following types of volunteer activity are common:

  • work to improve the lives of children left without parents, as well as older people;
  • health care;
  • pedagogical work;
  • environmental protection;
  • intellectual development;
  • different types of training - in the field of sports, tourism, military work;
  • creative improvement;
  • organization of leisure;
  • assistance in labor;
  • restoration work;
  • Information Support.

This is just the main list of activities, in fact, there may be more. And in every sphere we need active and purposeful people.

Purpose of the volunteer book

The document described serves to account forvolunteer work, as it brings in data on activities. Also there is information about the hours, promotions, training. Every person doing this kind of work needs a volunteer book. How to get it? It will be necessary to collect certain documents, and fill out the application.

where to get a volunteer book

The book is issued to young people aged 14-30,registered in the territory of the region. It is considered an analogue of the document, where the record is recorded, only for it money is not paid. Usually such people get the necessary skills and gratitude of those who needed help.

registration on the site

How to get a volunteer book in Moscow?Information on volunteer promotions is located on the website "Mosvolonter", developed on the basis of support of the city government. There is also information about the projects. To take part in them, you need to register and complete the course. And for some projects, training is not required.

When registering on the site you needto familiarize with its rules, and also to confirm the consent concerning processing of the personal data. Also, you must provide a contact phone number and email address. It is important to designate and the event for participation. After registration you will be offered a form.

Features of obtaining a book

But registration on the site is not everything, forso that you have a volunteer book. How to get it? For registration you need 2 color photos - 3x4, passport. Additional documentation is not required.

where you can get a volunteer book

Where can I get a volunteer book in Moscow? You need to visit the center "Mosvolonter", located on Volgogradsky prospect, in house 145, building 2. Reception is carried out on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 10:00 to 18:00. The specialist will issue documents for the receipt of the book, and the time of manufacturing it is 2 weeks.

To successfully perform their tasks, you need experiencein your chosen field of activity. Take care of this before you are given out a volunteer book. How to get evidence of the experience, it's not difficult to guess. For example, you can receive a letter of thanks from the project management in which you participated.

Where can I get a volunteer book in other regions? In each city there are special organizations for this.

Rights and duties of volunteers

The employees described have a list of rights:

  • the choice of activities that are in the interests of;
  • obtaining information, equipment, material means for the performance of work;
  • the requirement of making information about the work done, incentives, which is confirmed by the seal and signature of the head;
  • making proposals on the implementation of activities;
  • getting knowledge to perform the necessary tasks;
  • refusal of assignment if it does not meet interests;
  • cessation of activity.

how to get a volunteer book in Moscow

Responsibilities include:

  • performance of the assigned work;
  • respect for the principles of activity;
  • following instructions;
  • careful attitude to material means;
  • notification of the project management on the termination of work.

Volunteering helps in developmentmany projects. Young, active people successfully solve interesting problems, helping those in need to cope with many difficulties. At the same time, participation is completely voluntary.

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Volunteer book: how to get a document Volunteer book: how to get a document Volunteer book: how to get a document Volunteer book: how to get a document Volunteer book: how to get a document Volunteer book: how to get a document