Vertical gardening: a spectacular piece of modern interior

Despite the fact that technological trends dominate in the modern interior, designers are increasingly using vertical gardening in their projects. This alternative way of placing live plants in a room looks very impressive and stylish, adding novelty and originality to an apartment, office or restaurant. Vertical gardening in the interior helps to create a favorable microclimate, saturates the air with oxygen and allows you to organize a zone of relaxation and recreation in an urbanized urban environment.

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Vertical gardening: definition and benefits

Any person all his life unwittingly drawn to nature. From here originates the desire to decorate their own homes with indoor plants, as well as the formation of green living compositions on the streets of cities. In order to save useful square meters and to abandon local flower pots, vertical gardening technology was developed.It is a technique for growing ornamental plants on various vertical supports.

Thus, vertical gardening is a great way to design both internal and external space, decorating facades, end walls, and room zoning.

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This method of vertical gardening of walls has a number of advantages due to which it becomes more popular every year. These include:

  • Creating a natural microclimate. A wall made of plants emits beneficial phytoncides that purify the air, saturate it with oxygen and fill it with a pleasant aroma. In addition, the use of the interior of the vertical garden helps reduce noise and dust, protection from the summer heat.
  • Saving of the useful area. Vertical gardens allow you to abandon flower pots and free up the necessary space.
  • Ease of care. The finished structures are equipped with equipment for automatic irrigation, which facilitates the care of plantings.

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Selection of plants for vertical gardening in the interior

When forming suspended gardens, special attention is paid to the selection of plants.They should be unpretentious to the temperature regime, irrigation schedule, light. In addition, the root system should be sufficiently developed to hold the rosette of leaves vertically, the stem is short or lianoobrazny, the leaves are small with a bushy arrangement.

To create the most resistant to external factors composition, florists recommend using the following types of green space:

  • ampelous hoya, philodendron, sincapsum, which quickly grow and twist, masking the supporting elements;
  • Spathyllum fatsia, chlorophytum, fittonii with aesthetic appearance both in the flowering period and in the offseason;
  • small succulents and sansivera suitable for rooms with arid climate.

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For registrationvertical kitchen garden in the kitchenuse herbs and herbs in the form of parsley, mint, basil, onions with a small feather, cress, small-leaved varieties of lettuce, etc. As the vertical beds look, the photo can be seen below:

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Do-it-yourself vertical gardening: the nuances of a constructive solution

To date, there are many options for design solutions for the creation of vertical gardens.These can be either ready-made phytomodules or constructions made independently using the materials at hand.

The disadvantage of ready-made modules is their high price; therefore, alternatives are compositions where containers are used as the basis, mounted on vertical supports, polypropylene pipes mounted on the walls with plants planted in them, vertical beds of plastic bottles, etc.

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An interesting and unusual solution is metal welded structures as a support for flower vases. Due to visual lightness, they emphasize the beauty of the plants and emphasize attention to it.

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Wooden boxes and pallets are the perfect basis for the composition. On their background, greens look the most bright and organic. The combination of natural elements gives a living phyto image of completeness, integrity and harmony. Such a vertical wall looks advantageous in office rooms, libraries, reading rooms, cafes and restaurants.

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In addition to volumetric green walls with a large number of plants, often used separate modules-pots made of various materials, and placed on a vertical surface in a certain order.Wooden pots for embroidery, picture frames, sieves, various plastic modules, ceramic dishes, glass containers, etc. are used as pots here.

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Another direction of the vertical garden in the apartment is wall paintings (murals) of sculpts and moss. For its implementation requires a box of shallow depth. Containers with horizontally germinated saplings are attached to its bottom. The free space between the pots is filled with moss or other natural materials - straw, sacking. Instead of the flowerpots in the box, you can also place the hydrophobic material of moss-sphagnum, and to fix the elements to use the construction grid.

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When making paintings from decorative moss, it is carefully interrupted with a blender along with water and a special hydrophobic gel, after which the resulting mixture is applied with a brush to the surface of wood. After a while, it is completely covered with a green, soft carpet.

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