Vasily Zinkevich: a person who is not subject to time

Unfortunately, today a new generation of Ukrainianlisteners at the mention of the name Vasily Zinkevich is unlikely to clearly answer the question of what kind of performer is, and what contribution he contributed to the development of music. Let's pay tribute to him and see what exactly the singer introduced into the national color of Ukraine.

Vasily Zinkevich: biography, family and the success of a simple guy

The future favorite of the public was born on May 1, 1945 on Khmelnytsky in Vaskovtsi village of Izyaslovsky district (at that time it was still Ukrainian SSR).

Vasily Zinkevich

As it should be, in rural areastime did not do without feasts and chants. Ukrainian folk motifs were present everywhere. It was from them that the young star began to advance professionally. I must say that Vasily Zinkevich (photo of which is given in the article) already at that time was distinguished by unique vocal data.

Vasily Zinkevich family

His family, although it was, as they say, itselfordinary, nevertheless, managed to discern in the boy the real talent, which in the end will lead him to success at the state level of the Soviet Union.

What was Vasily Zinkevich at that time? The family says that the guy grew up like an ordinary schoolboy, especially not standing out among peers. But here the Ukrainian folk folklore, to which he had a weakness, nevertheless did his job, and this man made a choice in favor of the song.

Vasily Zinkevich: the first steps on the stage

The future singer received a fairly good education in Vyzhnytsky College of arts and crafts. As it turned out, this was enough for Vasily Zinkevich to choose a career as a singer.

Vasily Zinkevich Biography Family

Of course, at that time on the scene did not earn welland a lot. Fees were charged in the form of salaries from philharmonic societies. But in 1968 Vasily Zinkevich ventured on an extraordinary step: he became the leader-vocalist of the group Smerichka, which was then promoted by Lev Dutkovsky.

Smerichka Group

It was "Smerichka" that became the starting point to the peak of popularity. A year later, Nazar Yaremchuk, no less respected now, though deceased, joined the team.

Vasily Zinkevich photo

Vasily Zinkevich together with him performed "Chervona Ruta", which later became almost a symbol of Ukraine.

singer Vasily Zinkevich

What can I say, even passed through this schoolsuch a respected and beloved singer, like Sofia Mihailovna Rotaru. She, of course, against the background of Zinkevich and Yaremchuk became more popular due to the awarding of titles of the People's Artist of the Ukrainian and Moldavian SSR. In addition, at the peak of popularity, she changed the language of the text, which Vasily Zinkevich never did.

The main milestones of creativity

As for popularity, singer Vasily Zinkevichnow undeservedly forgotten. After Smerichka, he worked in tandem with Nazar Yaremchuk, but for some reason they were always opposed to each other, despite the fact that in life they did not compete at all.

Already now it became clear that they were loved on the vocaldifferent Soviet leaders. But against the background of rival men the flower of popularity of Sofia Rotaru has blossomed. By the way, not only is it due to its ascent of "Smerichka".

If anyone does not know, Sophia Mikhailovna has two more sisters. Once in the Soviet Union, they tried to create a trio Rotaru, sang a couple of songs, but it all ended.

Vasily Zinkevich on the verge of the collapse of the USSR to changedid not. As he sang in Ukrainian, he sings. And, most interestingly, he is not interested in all sorts of political bindings inherent in the current Ukrainian state.

Perhaps, his songs are not as popular asWestern hits, however, you can pay tribute to the fact that Vasily Zinkevich is still recording in the studio albums, by the sound, in general, not particularly different from the Soviet times. This is understandable, because the old listeners want to hear the classics of the genre, and certainly not the new synths or altered vocals.


For his creative career, Zinkevich did not receiveas many awards as you might expect. Among the most prestigious is the national deserved and people's artist of the Ukrainian SSR (1980, 1985), the Taras Shevchenko Prize of Ukraine (1994), the recognition by the honorary citizen of Lutsk (2001) and the award of the Order of Prince Yaroslav the Wise of the 5th degree.

What remains to be added?

Ukrainian singer Vasily Zinkevich, maybe nothas such a frenzied popularity as modern newly-born one-day groups, but in its songs with the use of national Ukrainian traditions people are so positive that many citizens of the country itself, posed today, threatened with complete collapse and destruction, can only rejoice that such emotions are present at all.

But this is not the most important thing. Vasily Zinkevich stood on the verge of promoting Ukrainian songs at the all-Union level. Rotaru was later. But Zinkevich and Yaremchuk have become precisely those pioneers who raised national folklore on this scale. Remember, well, who has not heard such well-known words as "Chervonu Rutu do not joke around the streets"? At the subconscious level, even the melody is known to everyone.

Now, I think, it is already clear that the UkrainianThe singer made a significant contribution to the development of culture in general. Some people perceive this on a musical level, some associate it with political aspects, the point is not that. If there is a talent and understanding, it, as they say, you will not spend on drink. Well, in this case, and argue is meaningless.

As Vasily Zinkevich was his "own" national treasure, he remained with them. A huge spiritual wound in the understanding of his admirers consists only in the loss of a close friend and comrade Nazarii Yaremchuk.

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