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Varieties of household sinks of moisture

January 28, 2018

As you know, high humidity in a residential area is a rather unpleasant and even harmful phenomenon. As a rule, it promotes the reproduction of fungi and mold that are dangerous to health, as well as the destructive effect on both the interior decoration and on the interior items - furniture, appliances, and things. They struggle with this phenomenon in different ways - frequent airing is arranged,Varieties of household sinks of moistureadditional ventilation is built around; measures are being taken to waterproof the bases. Another option to optimize the level of humidity in the house is the use of special devices - absorbers of moisture, allowing to influence the situation without a significant investment.

In specialized stores there are two types of these devices, which differ in the principle of operation:

1. Electric.In its structure, it resembles a refrigerator, also having an evaporator, a compressor and a hot heat exchanger. In this case, the evaporator serves to condense moisture in the air.This is similar to condensation on the window during the winter season. The air injected by the fan is supplied to the evaporator, which collects moisture on its surface. The accumulated moisture is collected in a special container and transported outside the dwelling, or into the sewage system. After that, the air enters the hot heat exchanger, where it optimizes its temperature to room temperature, as well as the final cleaning. A hygrometer installed at the outlet allows controlling the humidity of the outgoing air, setting the required indicator. If necessary, the exhaust air can be saturated with moisture, if excessive drying is detected. As a rule, absorbers of this type of moisture can serve businesses or private homes with indoor pools.Varieties of household sinks of moisture

2. Absorbent.This type of moisture absorber is perfect for use in apartment conditions. The operation of the device is based on the property of certain substances to absorb moisture, and is performed without the use of electrical devices. The air of the room flows naturally through the device, and the absorbent tablet inside it absorbs the excess moisture. Usually, one such tablet is enough to serve a room of 20 m2, for three months.

As a rule, both types of desiccants can be of domestic or industrial type. Also, there are stationary and mobile devices. For a private home, of course, most suitable mobile absorbent appliances of the mobile type.

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