Vanish (stain remover): customer reviews

The widely known brand Vanish in the Russian market, which represents a series of stain removers for domestic and domestic use, belongs to the British company Reckitt Benckiser. This organization is one of the leaders in the production and sale of household chemicals, household products, health and personal care.

The popularity of the Vanish trademark is explained by strict adherence to the goals:

- application of innovative solutions for the release of goods that help to maintain health, coziness and cleanliness in the home;

- use of environmentally friendly raw materials;

- responsibility for decision-making and results;

- study the needs of customers and translate these ideas into reality.

Vanish (stain remover): customer reviews

Vanish products

Today under the brand Vanish the following products are produced:

1. The Vanish Oxi Action series:

2. The Vanish Oxi Action series "Crystal Whiteness":

3. Means for removing stains from carpets and upholstery:

- shampoo for manual cleaning;

- shampoo for washing vacuum cleaners.

4. The Vanish Oxi Action series "Liquid":

Liquid stain remover for fabrics.

5. Vanish Oxi Action series "Crystal whiteness", liquid:

Liquid stain remover for fabrics.

Regardless of what kind of product the Vanish product requires - a liquid stain remover or Vanish-powder, any of these products can be easily found in any supermarket or in the home goods store.

Vanish Oxi Action powder stain remover: reviews

The Vanish Oxi Action tool is designed to eliminate any stains from clothing, regardless of the age of their aging and depth. And for this purpose it will be enough to wash one with the application of Vanish Oxy Action. The stain remover is suitable for things of any color and is available in plastic tubes or buckets weighing up to 1.5 kg.

Customer reviews are mostly positive: it's good to wash, it even allows you to remove stains from varnish, resin, cosmetics rack. In this regard, Vanish Oxi Action is not recommended for too bright and poorly colored things - after washing clothes can easily go to divorce. The only drawback of "Vanish" is the price. Compared with the Russian counterparts, it is somewhat overstated.

Common stain remover Vanish Oxi Action: reviews

"Small-scale" variation of Oxi Action product from "Vanish". The stain remover does not contain chlorine, but at the same time it effectively eliminates any contamination, is produced in cardboard packs weighing 600 g.

Vanish powder stain remover is suitable for both white and colored things.

Unreliability of the box is the main disadvantage of Vanish. Stain remover (reviews regarding packaging and storage inconvenience, although negative, are quite objective in terms of evaluating the result of washing) are completely fulfilling their purpose. Clothes after washing so clean that it looks like new.

Vanish Oxi Action powder stain remover "Crystal whiteness": reviews

Powder "Crystal whiteness" - a special tool for whitening things from "Vanish". The stain remover does not contain chlorine, so it can be recommended for children's clothing.

The principle of Vanish Oxi Action "Crystal whiteness" is the presence of active oxygen, which splits the contaminants and pushes out their particles from the structure of the tissue. Bleaching substances help to preserve the whiteness of things and do not allow the appearance of yellowness in subsequent washings.

The white stain remover of this series does not complain much about the customers - about 50% of the respondents said that after washing the items remain divorced (they are especially visible in the ultraviolet), or clothes start to smell unpleasant. Those who tested "Crystal whiteness" more successfully, said that the remedy is quite suitable for eliminating weak spots from drinks and food.

Instructions for the use of powdered stain removers

The use of powder only as an additive is the main recommendation regarding the Vanish product. The stain remover, the dosage instructions given below, should not be used as the main detergent:

1. With machine wash:

- For strongly stuck and old stains, add 1 "Vanish" spoon to the compartment with washing powder, for usual stains - 1/2 spoon;

- set the temperature regime and program necessary for this type of clothing.

2. When hand washing:

- dissolve 1 scoop powder for old stains or ½ tablespoons for ordinary in several liters of warm water;

- leave the laundry soaked, before rinsing - to rub.

A good result when washing in the car is guaranteed at a temperature of at least 30 ° C, with soaking - about 40 ° C.

Also, stains can be pre-treated with powder, mixing ¼ of the agent and ¾ of a spoonful of water. The resulting solution is distributed over the surface of the stain, left on the fabric for 15-20 minutes, then the thing is rinsed.

Shampoo for manual carpet cleaning and upholstery: reviews

Another brand of home textiles - upholstery and carpets - on which dirt accumulates no less is not bypassed. For these surfaces, a special shampoo "Vanish" is designed. The stain remover is designed not only to cope with the pollution of any complexity, but also to protect the pile and preserve the color of the fabric.

Such a consistency, like shampoo, was chosen by the manufacturer for good reason. When the stain remover is diluted, a thick foam forms, which envelops each villus and deeply wilts into the tissue structure, cleaning it.

Shampoo for carpets is supplied in plastic containers of two volumes - 450 and 750 ml each.

When testing several carpet cleaners against the background of analogues, the best was recognized as "Vanish". The stain remover is characterized by the participants as an almost ideal remedy: after application, the coating acquired a fresh appearance, the strong contaminants disappeared without a trace. Slightly worse was the case with white carpets and upholstery - to completely eliminate the "Vanish" stains, the shampoo had to be used at least two times.

Antibacterial shampoo for manual carpet cleaning: reviews

Shampoo with antibacterial effects - an innovation in this segment of products. The manufacturer claims uncompromising and almost complete extermination of harmful microorganisms parasitizing in upholstered furniture - up to 99.9%. Sold in plastic bottles of 450 ml.

The absence of any differences from a simple analogue is the first remark of buyers in relation to the antibacterial shampoo "Vanish". Stain remover (the price for which, by the way, is slightly higher than for the usual means - about 280 rubles per bottle) removes stains and unpleasant smells is not any better or worse. However, despite this, some consumers have noticed in their primary signs of an allergic reaction to a too sharp chemical smell of the product.

Instructions for the use of shampoos for carpets

All Vanish carpet shampoos intended for manual cleaning have general rules for use:

  1. Pre-clean the carpet with a vacuum cleaner.
  2. Dilute the product in a warm (no more than 40 C) clean water in the calculation of 1 shampoo cap for 9 liquid caps.
  3. Stir the mixture until a lather is formed.
  4. Apply foam to the carpet or upholstery with a sponge.
  5. Wait until it dries.
  6. Vacuum the surface again.

Shampoo for detergent vacuum cleaners: instructions and references

Shampoo for detergent vacuum cleaners has a slightly different composition. The active components present in the mixture for manual cleaning can significantly damage the internal elements of the harvesting equipment, so keeping parts from corrosion and chemical attack has become one of the main tasks of such products "Vanish". Stain remover of this type has a standard package - a bottle of 450 ml.

As for ordinary shampoos, the instruction manual suggests first a usual vacuuming, and only then - with the use of the product itself. To do this, ½ the cap should be mixed with warm water and refilled with a tank. After cleaning, wait until the coating dries. Then use a vacuum cleaner to remove the foam that could remain after using the Vanish shampoo.

Stain remover, customer reviews about which were divided approximately 50 to 50, coped with cleaning the colored carpets by "excellent", but the light coatings could not be cleaned even after repeated cleaning. The smell of the shampoo is pleasant enough, but it is rather harsh - after using the room, it is necessary to air it.

Liquid stain remover for fabrics Vanish Oxi Action: reviews

Nobody is immune from the appearance of spots and on delicate, thin or woolen fabrics. To wash them with ordinary powder is not recommended, therefore for such things the liquid "Vanish" was specially developed. Stain remover in the form of a gel can also be used for any kind of laundry. The form of release - bottles in volume from 450 ml to 3 l.

Concerning the quality of washing with the help of liquid Vanish Oxi Action, you can say the following: it preserves the color of both ordinary clothes and delicate fabrics, but it copes with spots with difficulty. Some things got rid of dirt only with repeated washing, while others remained spoiled.

Liquid stain remover for fabrics Vanish Oxi Action "Crystal whiteness": reviews

Many of us have in their wardrobe silk or cashmere things of white color. However, too, at times, ugly spots may appear. Especially for such cases, a special formula "Vanish" was developed. The stain remover for white is designed in such a way that when the fibers are cleansed at the same time, the fabrics are not yellowed and do not lose their original appearance. Supplied in containers with a capacity of 450 to 3 liters.

The overwhelming majority of buyers said that the value of the money does not fully correspond to the quality that was expected from "Vanish". Stain remover, whose price is on average 450 rubles. for 1 liter, can still remove small and small spots, but with extensive contamination the facility does not fully cope. The fabric does not turn yellow, but it does not become much cleaner either. More than half of the surveyed buyers said that they are unlikely to turn to this tool again.

Instructions for use of liquid stain removers

To achieve maximum effect, you should carefully study the rules of washing with liquid "Vanish". The stain remover, the instruction on which application is resulted hardly below, demands strict observance of a dosage - so you will be insured against undesirable spoilage of things:

1. In the washing machine:

- Dial 1 cap of liquid stain remover and place it in the washing machine;

- Set the desired temperature and program.

2. Soak and hand wash:

- dissolve 1 cap of the product in 4 liters of water and soak the laundry;

- color things soak no more than 1 hour, white - no more than 6 hours;

- lightly rub the clothes before washing.

Do not dry any powdery or liquid products on any type of clothing. Otherwise, things can become irreparably corrupted, since, despite the selection of possibly more sparing components, the substances in the Vanish product are still quite active.

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