Valery Borzov: biography, photo, personal life

Soviet sport, of course, was one of the bestin the world. There were athletes in our country who forced the whole world to radically reconsider their views on this or that sport. After all, they argued that they can do things that until now were considered physically impossible. Valery Borzov, an athlete, also belongs to such athletes.

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A unique athlete

During his entire career, he became two timesthe Olympic champion in 1972 and 1976. Also Borzov Valery Filippovich repeatedly was the champion of Europe and the winner of many other competitions. And in the history of athletics, he entered as a completely unique sprinter, in a sense, created this sport in its modern form.

Valery Borzov: biography, childhood

Many outstanding people began their developmentin early childhood. Valery Borzov is not an exception. He says that he likes to run since he was four. Then he ran with his dog Tuzik: first the boy chased after him, and then the dog for Valery. Very quickly the boy liked to run so much that he started running after any car that drove along the street. Constantly fell, smashed his legs and arms into the blood. Mom was not particularly happy, every time meeting her beloved son in this form, but it was impossible to re-educate the future champion.

According to Valery Borzov, out of all the physical abilities of a person, speed is formed first of all. Continuous running contributed to his further success.

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A talented young man was noticed by coaches

The fact that Valera will someday becomehigh-quality sprinter and the winner of world competitions, almost no one guessed. Young Borzov was the most ordinary child, short and fat. How did Valery Borzov become in his best years? The height, weight of the athlete was in an ideal ratio: with an increase of 183 cm, he weighed 80 kg.

Valery loved to run, but few of themboys at this age does not like this thing. However, just do not want to run Borzov and at the age of twelve he entered the children's and youth sports school of Novaya Kakhovka. There worked a well-known coach Boris Ivanovich Voitas, who also noticed the talent of Borzov. He became the first coach of the young sprinter and even gave him his photo with the inscription: "To the future Olympic champion Valery Borzov." Mysticism or psychological suggestion, but the inscription was prophetic.

Boris Voitas has trained many more excellent athletes, in particular, until his death, coached the team of Saudi Arabia. However, Valery Borzov was for him the best student.

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"Smart" running

Valery Borzov is famous for what he brought to the lungsathletics is really a "smart" run. This means that during the run not only the legs and the body in general work, but also the head. Borzov knew how to assess the situation on the track for a fraction of a second and, in accordance with the information received, change the speed. One German journalist, commenting on the style of Borzov, said that before him it was impossible to imagine that in the run of 100 meters there can be any tactic, because at this distance the athlete does not have time to restructure. Valery Borzov destroyed this stereotype and showed that it is possible to change tactics at such a distance several times. In addition, his performances have always been beautiful and easy.

The triumph of a white sprinter

For a long time leadership in running for shortdistance was reserved for black American athletes. In 1960, the winner in Rome was the first white European - German runner Armin Hari, but this victory did not last long, and soon the champion became an American again. Valery Borzov was able to push black sportsmen from the top in the future. Moreover, he managed to keep his champion status for many years.

In the same 1972 in the 200 meters race Borzov Valery Filippovich made a "golden double" and at the finish he overtook just three Americans.

The achievements of Borzov did not go unnoticed, themore than that he demonstrated the superiority of Soviet people over the Americans - at that time even sport was given political meaning. The athlete was awarded all sorts of awards, among which - the Order of Lenin, "Friendship of Peoples", "The Badge of Honor", the highest awards of the Leninist Komsomol.

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How Borzov trained

Many believe that victory comes to the athletethen, when he overcomes himself many times, takes not loads inherent in him, does what is beyond the range not only of his capabilities, but also of human beings in general. But this mythology was destroyed by Borzov, more precisely by his mentors Voytas and Petrovsky (the latter coached the champion when he entered the institute). These teachers deliberately limited young athletes, forced to run only at the level of standard training and avoid overloading. Especially they tried to protect the nerve system of the runner from overexertion, which in this sport (and in any other) is a very important indicator. Such an installation allowed not to exhaust the physical and psychological potential, brought up persistence and perseverance, a desire to win. All this young athlete took and subsequently used in his activities. After Valery Borzov - not only a practitioner, but also a scientist who wrote a lot of work on sports topics.

Being engaged in the Kiev Institute of Physical EducationPetrovsky, Borzov for the first time learned to run a hundred-meter mark in exactly ten seconds. I must say that Petrovsky was a very unusual coach for his time. He used an innovative scientific approach in the education of athletes, using mathematical calculations. After analyzing the results of many athletes, Petrovsky derived a special formula for Borzov, one might say, a formula for success. This trainer was interested in the possibility of cybernetic management, which subsequently also implemented.

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Modest, intelligent athlete

Once in the Soviet team, Valery Borzovat first nothing special stood out. It can not be said that he was unsociable, but behaved quietly and modestly, preferring to listen more than to speak. But he liked this trainers, who noted his persistence and methodical approach to achieving the goal.

His first significant victory in the internationaltournament - this is the gold medal at the European Championships in 1969 in Athens. At that moment, no one thought that this unremarkable sportsman would somehow prove himself. But he won - that's so simple, no bizarre. The leadership did not even hasten to recognize his victory - Borzov got the medal only after careful study of photographic materials. But from this, its significance only increases, because it is extracted in a stubborn struggle.

Valery Borzov, whose photo you see in the article,- not only a wonderful athlete, but also a loving spouse, a caring father. Together with his wife Lyudmila, they raised Tatyana's daughter. Their happy family you see on the photo.

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Valery Borzov - athlete, to the level of which it is necessary to strive for everyone. He is the pride of his country. With such people, you always need to take an example.

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