Vaccines for dogs: "Nobivac", "Eurikan", "Vangard"

There are many infections that can causeharm to the dog. In this case, the virus can be picked up anywhere - starting with grass, air, soil and ending with the clothes of the owners. And irrespective of how much the owner will take care of his pet, in the absence of stable immunity the dog will remain vulnerable to such diseases as rabies, adenovirus, enteritis, leptospirosis and so on. All of them are very dangerous for the health and life of a pet.

vaccines for dogs

Assistant in this situation will be regular vaccination. It will help to develop artificial immunity and protect the dog from possible infections.

How do vaccines work for dogs?

Thanks to vaccination, animals are resistant to many diseases. In the future it will help to save the pet from possible infection.

Vaccines for dogs contain in their compositioncausative agents of infection, which, if ingested into the animal, provoke the production of antibodies. They, in turn, instantly react to the appearance of the virus and kill it, not allowing reproduction and the appearance of the disease.

Choice of vaccine

The choice of a vaccine for dogs should be approached with the utmost responsibility. After all, this directly affects the effectiveness of the procedure and how it will be carried by the pet.

In Russia, the most popular arevaccines, such as "Eurican" and "Nobivac". The price for them is quite high - in the range of 400-800 rubles. The first drug is manufactured in France, and the second - domestic production. Moreover, despite the cost, veterinarians advise to vaccinate their dogs with the help of these vaccines, as they are easily transported by animals, and immunity after them is developed for up to one year.

Another famous drug is "Vangard".

For a more detailed introduction, consider each of the above vaccines separately.


The price of the drug, as mentioned above,is within 200 rubles. This vaccine helps to develop immunity against rabies. At the same time, to protect your pet, only one dose of the drug in 3 years is enough.

nubivak price

Only healthy dogs can be vaccinated. During the vaccination, 1 ml of the drug is administered intramuscularly or subcutaneously.

Side effects from the use of "Nobivaka" are quite rare and are manifested as a result of hypersensitivity of the animal to the components of the remedy. In this case, the introduction of epinephrine is necessary.

As for the special instructions, they are not soa lot of. Before use, it is recommended to shake the vial with the drug. It is prohibited to use it after the expiry date, as well as if a package integrity violation is detected. In this case, the vaccine itself must undergo the decontamination process, which is carried out by boiling it for 5-10 minutes.

Transport and store the drug in a dry place at a temperature of 2-8 degrees. It is strictly forbidden to freeze the vaccine. Shelf life from the date of manufacture is 2 years.

Free rabies vaccine for dogs

The first inoculation against rabies is desirable to do,when the puppy is 12-14 weeks old. The right to choose the drug remains for the owners of the animal. It is important to consider that the state provides a free vaccine against rabies for dogs, which should be in every veterinary clinic.

rabies vaccine for dogs

But there is one important detail: In this case, a domestic vaccine is used, which is less effective than imported analogues. In addition, the owners of dogs noticed that pets suffer a lot more. Therefore, before making a final decision, it is necessary to take into account in advance all the pros and cons of this or that drug.


The vaccine "Eurikan" for dogs is used forprotection against diseases such as parainfluenza, plague, leptospirosis, adeno- and parvovirus. The main active ingredients of the drug are weakened strains of viruses, which are the causative agents of the above-described infections.

vaccine for eurricans for dogs

The preparation is available in the form of a liquid vaccine anddry powder. Before use, they must be mixed, while carefully shaking in a vial. The resulting mixture must be used immediately, it is strictly forbidden to store it.

The dose of the drug is 1 ml and does not depend on the breed, the size or weight of the dog. Enter it subcutaneously or intramuscularly, into the area of ​​the scapula or thigh, respectively.

There is a two-time use of the vaccine for dogs "Eurikan", after which the revaccination is carried out after a year.

The drug has no contraindications to use and does not cause side effects, except for cases with individual intolerance of its components.


The "Vangard" vaccine for dogs is also designed to prevent infectious diseases such as plague, hepatitis, leptospirosis, parvovirus enteritis and so on.

Vanguard vaccine for dogs

In Russia, there are two types of this drug: "Vanguard 5 / L" and "Vanguard 7". They have the same antigenic composition, and the main difference is only in the concentration of parvovirus antigen in a single dose.

For the preparation of the solution it is necessary to mixlyophilized components with the liquid part of the vaccine and shake until the components are completely dissolved. The preparation is used for intramuscular or subcutaneous administration.

Vaccines for dogs "Vangard" providedouble immunization. The first time it is held at the age of 6 weeks and is repeated after 2-3 weeks. Further, mandatory revaccination once a year is necessary.

As we see, in the prevention of infectious diseases of dogs there is nothing complicated. Therefore, do not economize on your pet's health.

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Vaccines for dogs: Nobivac, Eurikan, Vangard Vaccines for dogs: Nobivac, Eurikan, Vangard Vaccines for dogs: Nobivac, Eurikan, Vangard Vaccines for dogs: Nobivac, Eurikan, Vangard Vaccines for dogs: Nobivac, Eurikan, Vangard