"Uyan Nomo" ("Flexible onions") - balm: reviews and use tips

Today, more and more consumers are giving awaypreference for domestic brands. This applies not only to food products, but also to the cosmetic industry. One of the first to win the brand Natura Siberica - shampoos and hair balms with a natural composition fell in love with the fair sex.

The leader is not far behind another Russianproducer - Siberian Health. The range includes perfume, decorative cosmetics, oral care products, skin and hair products, health products.

From Siberia with love

Twenty years ago in Novosibirsk was foundedcompany "Siberian Health". For five years, two young entrepreneurs managed to significantly expand the range and strengthen their positions in the market. At that time, interest in domestic developments began to grow steadily, and in 1999 the company's leaders opened their own production.

uyan namo flexible onion balm reviews

Two years later, for in-depth study of the herbs of Gorny Altai and Lake Baikal, a scientific center was created, in which unique prescriptions are being developed and patents are being obtained.

Products for health and beauty are very popularin the CIS countries, Asia and Eastern Europe. For example, buyers consider "Uyan Nomo" ("Flexible onion") the best means for joints, balm, the reviews of which are noted for its excellent medicinal properties combined with a democratic price. A big role was played by the strategy of creating a network of consultants and sellers - the company invites all comers to cooperate.

Joint health

Genetic predisposition, physical activity, age changes and overweight are just some of the reasons for joint pain. Approximately 30% of the population is facing similar problems.

uyon nimo flexible onion balsam instruction

Our main task: restore microcirculation and support the regeneration of cartilage. Unfortunately, the body alone can not cope with this - it needs help in restoring and renewing cartilaginous and articular tissues, which can be provided by "Uyan Nomo" (Flexible onion).

Balsam instruction recommends the use of daily pain in the back, ankle, elbows and knees. The manufacturer promises improved mobility, removal of inflammation and persistent effect.

Method of application: balm should be applied by massage movements at least twice a day to problem areas. With severe bruising, compression can be applied.

Plant composition

Body balm "Uyan Nomo" ("Flexible bow")is considered one of the best means, thanks to a unique recipe. The composition includes active plant components and other substances to support joints:

  1. Chondroitin restores cartilaginous tissue.
  2. Organic sulfur accelerates the regeneration process.
  3. The papaya enzyme acts on the cartilaginous tissue, restoring its structure.
  4. A complex of essential oils in combination with extracts of a saber and comfrey provide an anti-inflammatory effect.
  5. Fir gum and menthol relieve the painful condition.

As preservatives in productionIt is used environmentally safe substance - caprylic hydroxamic acid. Penetration of active components in the deep layers of the skin is carried out due to ethoxydiglycol.

The predominantly natural composition is oneof the reasons for the popularity of "Uyan Nomo" ("Flexible bow"). Balm reviews recommend using at least two weeks - the result appears after the accumulation of certain substances in the body.

Siberian Health

Customer's opinion

Efficiency, Russian production andlow price - these are the three reasons why the demand for "Uyan Nomo" ("Flexible Onion") is growing every day. Balsam, reviews about which you will find in our review, stands out among its counterparts.

Eloquent promises on the label and wordsconsultant there are real stories about the application of the product "Siberian Health". Balm has a fresh fragrance - a mixture of menthol and pine needles. A slight cooling is felt immediately after application, then the heating of the problem area begins. Buyers do not notice any discomfort or discomfort.

Reviews advise balm because of the minimum riskallergies, because in the composition there are no perfumes, artificial colors, mineral oils, parabens, phthalates and sulfates. In addition, the company's products are not tested on animals.

As for the effectiveness of "Uyan Nomo" ("Flexibleonion "), the balsam instruction is recommended to be used several times a day.But some buyers are confused by a strong aroma that persists for a long time.

The strengthened formula

In the "Siberian collection of balsams" also presented balsam concentrate "Uyan Nomo" ("Flexible onion"), designed to relieve inflammation and protect joints.
balsam concentrate

Ingredients in the composition:

- Glucosamine hydrochloride normalizes the metabolism of cartilaginous tissue and protects it from damage, and also has an anti-inflammatory effect;

- hyaluronic acid;

- Essential oils (rosemary, fir, cloves) and menthol relieve pain;

- Dimethylisosorbide improves the effectiveness of balsam and improves the penetration of components.

Useful Tea Party

"Uyan Nomo" ("Flexible onions") - balm, the reviews of which are presented in large quantities. The use of this drug buyers recommend combining herbal tea from a collection of medicinal herbs.

balsam for the body

In Buryat medicine it is believed that due to calcium salts and joint fluid stiffness, joint flexibility is lost. Similar problems often occur in the elderly and with a sedentary lifestyle.

In the composition there is a dogrose, blackcurrant, licorice roots, cowberry leaves, and other plant components. A unique complex strengthens bone tissue, normalizes mineral metabolism in the joints, relieves inflammation and swelling.

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