Updated 2018 Lada Granta

At the end of 2016, the Granta model took the 2nd place in the ranking of sales in Russia and the update of the Lada Granta 2018 was aimed at consolidating the achieved success. The domestic model did not quite reach the first place (87,726 units), slightly yielding to the Korean Hyundai Solaris (90,380 units).

We will not invent the reasons why the model from AvtoVAZ became popular. At the moment it is the cheapest car in the LADA model range. Its price for the middle of 2017 is 329,900 rubles.

According to the assurances of AvtoVAZ management, we will have an unprecedented update of the model. Changes, apparently, will be so dramatic that the premiere of a new model, which was originally scheduled for mid-2017, had to be postponed.

Tolley AvtoVAZ has additional ideas that they want to implement or, as is often the case, they cannot implement their plans for financial reasons and now they are thinking what to do and how to “present” the consumers with the update without them.

Car exterior

So far, nothing is known about how the new Lada Granta 2018 will look. The management statement is not filled with specifics and is limited to the epithets “unprecedented” and “cardinal”.

We can only hope that the designers and engineers will be able to do at least something to make Granta look a little more modern and get rid of the pronounced national color in its appearance.

auto 2018

It is possible to say with 90% confidence that in 2018 we will see the Lada Granta in the station wagon. Firstly, because it does not exist, and secondly, because it is needed. In the line of models Lada at the moment there are only two wagon - Kalina and Largus.

LADA Kalina will be removed from production or not (as there is quite contradictory information) this model can already be written off.

Even if the management of AvtoVAZ has any hopes to cut some more money from the long-obsolete model, this will be very problematic. Consumers have already tasted Granta and there is no going back.

No one wants to buy an outdated and morally and technically model, which also costs more (369,900 for the sedan and 384,500 for the station wagon).

 Granta 2018 model year

Adequate decisions and logic in the actions of AvtoVAZ management cannot be traced.If you are not going to withdraw from the production of Lada Kalina Cross, then why talk about the creation of Granta Cross. Creating competition between our own models is a step that no one would call either smart or adequate.

The Granta renders in the station wagon have already appeared on the Internet and they look like it should be noted quite interesting. While the car can not be considered from all angles, but one thing seems certain - the luggage compartment of the Granta station wagon will be noticeably larger than that of Kalina.

This can be judged by the much larger Granta rear overhang. With the same platform, it is the larger rear overhang that will give additional space to increase the load compartment.

2018 Lada Granta Interior

car lada granta 2018

Inside the 2018-2019 Lada Granta we will not see significant changes. The developers argue that the interior has become more comfortable, but how things are in fact can not be judged.

We promise to increase the space for the rear passengers. It would be very good, because in the current model, placing passengers on the back seat above the average is a definite problem.

They promise that they will become more comfortable chairs. It seems that the developers are trying to listen to complaints from buyers,than AvtoVAZ not previously sinned.

Side support for the current model’s seats exists only nominally or visually. It is so sluggish that one cannot speak of such support. They say that in the new model this will not happen, lateral support will become tougher and will really start supporting passengers.

lada granta salon

I am glad that the developers paid attention to such a trifle as a mechanism for securing the rear shelf, which was the source of squeaks and noise during movement and the opening and closing of the trunk. The trunk itself should get bigger and come close to a volume of 410 liters. Some experts point out that the rear view in the back liftback will be below average.

It is assumed that the new 2018-2019 Lada Granta will have five types of complete sets. In the basic version we will be offered a little - a driver-only airbag, running lights, ABS and BAS. By the way, according to preliminary estimates, the cost of the 2018 auto will increase. So Granta 2018 in the basic configuration will cost about 387,000 rubles. - 57,000 more expensive than the current version.

2018 lada granta specifications

Top of the range will provide the driver with cruise control (not adaptive, of course), a navigation system, antibuks and help when starting on the rise.Price Lada Granta 2018 in the configuration Luxe with a robotic gearbox is expected to be around 561,000 rubles.

Specifications of the updated Grants

In the engine compartment Lada Granta 2018, we also will not see changes. There will settle the same line of engines with a volume of 1.6 liters with different power and number of valves.

Each type of engine in tandem has its own transmission. So 8-valve engine with 87 liters. from. will be offered only with a 5-speed manual gearbox.

lada granta photo

Exclusive engine capacity of 98 liters. from. It will also work with an exclusive 4-speed automatic. Only the power plant capacity of 106 liters. from. will be equipped with a 5-speed manual gearbox or 5-band robot.

Let's hope that creating a 2018 Lada Granta in the back of a station wagon, the developers will pay more attention to the course stability of the car. Many owners of the Kalina platform wagon note that at high speeds, the stern is very much thrown from side to side. The steering will remain as sharp due to the shortened rail.

I would also very much like a better sound insulation, why the developers do not pay enough attention to the traditional problem with the noise inside the cabin of the LADA models, remains a mystery to this day.

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