Update the garage-install garage doors

April 11, 2018
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Before proceeding with the reworking of the garage, think carefully about whether you will use it year-round, or just go there in the summer.

The project is based on a garage, which has the goal to acquire sectional garage doors. The total area of ​​the room should be sufficient for the free movement of one adult person in it. So, to use this idea for a small shed in which the tools were previously stored does not work.

We update the garage

At the first stage it is necessary to do the alteration of walls It is best to re-alter them with a board, drywall or plywood. The walls are additionally insulated with heat insulating and desiccant material - foam, mineral wool or asbestos.

They are primed and painted. Further, windows are cut in the room. It should be borne in mind that the light should be a lot, so a large number of windows is welcome.For a comfortable stay in the new housing you need to take care of the presence of a bathroom in it. Most likely, there is no space for a bathroom and toilet in the garage. The best solution to this problem would be an extension of a small additional room to it. Choosing plumbing is best to turn their attention to compact options.

So, the sink can be installed on the cabinet, and the mirror retractable. Instead of the old wooden garage doors, new sectional doors are installed. In addition, if there is a possibility, you can install an internal door to the guarded yard. And I would like to note that the glass area of ​​the door should be quite large. This will add to the room as much natural light as possible. And the doors that will be installed in the annex can be chosen double.

Обновляем гараж

In a rebuilt garage, it is necessary to rationally use literally every centimeter of space. For example, in order to equip a place to store some wardrobe items, you can use the space in the built-in closet near the entrance to the garage. In a separate corner room is best to install a minimum of furniture - a sofa and a small table. So small in size the room will not seem "overloaded".To make it more comfortable, it is better to hang a small bookshelf on the wall, and put original pillows on the sofa. The flooring for this room is a high-quality laminate, resistant to abrasion and not afraid of contact with fuels and lubricants.

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