Typical errors in construction

The organization of construction work is a complicated, complicated and tedious process - it can be reorganized into a fairly simple form of action when several conditions are met.

Firstly, the chief assistant for someone who wants to simplify the complex is a plan: a clear planning in the context of each separate construction phase will greatly facilitate its implementation.

Secondly, the study of existing experience - a pledge to ensure a minimum of annoying blunders in such an important and responsible matter: it is not for nothing that the wise advise learning from the mistakes of others.

Thirdly, control over the situation will help to avoid a number of unforeseen expenses, which in our time is almost obligatory against the background of the fact that the most popular vacancies belong to the construction field - which indicates the dubious quality of specialists in the construction team in the context of their constant needs.

So, within the framework of the second factor optimizing the organization of the construction process,The most common mistakes are found in the course of estimating the repair or construction, marking the territory for a specific object of construction and organizing the foundation of the building.

What would not be planned in construction in all there should be a marginal accuracy, As in the laying of the foundation and in the electrical work. You need to carefully select any artist to prevent undesirable consequences. That is why you should trust the prospectively dangerous work exclusively professionals.

To begin with, the estimate, which heads a number of financial aspects of the process of construction or repair - and opens up a set of actions for drawing up a competent plan. The first mistake is an excessive trust in the calculations of a hired company: statistics say that in 78 cases out of 100, the estimate made by the construction team in preparation for receiving a particular order differs from the actual figure by 30-35% minimum. Moreover, sometimes deviations of the estimate plan from the fact of costs can be 100% or more - of course, in a big way.

This state of affairs has a very negative effect both on the mood of the customer and on the continuity of the construction process itself: the expected costs are always much easier to pay,than unforeseen. Therefore, such a list of costs must be calculated in detail by the customer himself, on the basis of the average price level for materials and tools required in each particular case.

The second mistake is that insufficient attention is paid to the peculiarities of the marking procedure: studying the drawings and getting a clear idea of ​​the main and auxiliary dimensions is of great importance in terms of the expected result and the actual dimensions of the object.

The third mistake is the choice of the foundation texture: its main required quality is homogeneity, and the strip foundations that are popular today, reinforced by pillars, are not only insufficiently effective, but also prone to destruction with the slightest changes in the soil structure.

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