Toyota Hybrid: Review of Models

Taking as a basis utilitarian hatchback Yaris,Japanese developers have created a very original product, it would seem, not having a chance to be launched into mass production. However, despite all the skeptical statements "Toyota" -hybrid launched in the series.

toyota hybridThe usual hatchback "Toyota Yaris" purchasedpopularity in Russia. It is available in several versions, including a hybrid version. But if the pre-renewed hybrid variant was powered by lithium-ion batteries, then the latest version of the Toyota car-hybrid of sports direction will be powered by supercapacitors.

Sports "Toyota" -hybrid, a photo of which in a momentflew the Internet long before the premiere show at the Frankfurt Salon, is a concept of Toyota Yaris, based on the version of the three-door hatchback. From its prototype, the sports variant differs first of all in appearance - it became more aggressive. Preserving Toyotov's "family" traits, the hybrid nevertheless looks much more dynamic.

Toyota Hybrid: specifications

toyota hybrid photoThe Japanese have not yet revealed all the parametersdynamic - prepare a surprise for the official presentation. However, some power-to-weight ratios became known. The racing version of the Toyota Yaris-R lost all its batteries. In this embodiment, the hatchback motor is powered by supercapacitors. It's no secret that they have much less capacity than lithium-ion or nickel-metal-hybrid batteries. But the capacitors are able to give all the stored energy in a matter of seconds, thus providing tremendous energy performance - up to 300 kW per ton of propellant mass.

In the "Toyota" race mode, the hybrid discharges a chargeionists in less than 5 seconds (something of the order of 100 W / h). As a result, for a very short time, the rear engines are spinning at full power (up to 120 hp). It is not entirely clear why reinvent such a system, if there are three hundred "horses" from a conventional gasoline engine? But why. The joint torque of both electric motors slightly exceeds the moment from the internal combustion engine, despite the fact that the ICE is more than two and a half times larger than the electric motors in power. Accordingly, the acceleration of the machine is much hybrid specifications

Unique is not only the power plant machineThe "Toyota" is a hybrid. The concept management system deserves special attention. If the front wheels of the hatchback are about to begin to "grind" from the insane power fed to them, the automatic system will transfer some of the power of the gasoline engine to the generator, which feeds the rear wheels.

If the hybrid hatchback goes in the normal mode, thenits electric motors produce no more than 40 liters. With., Develop more they do not allow the cooling system, and the selection of the power of the gasoline unit is limited. But when the concept goes to the racetrack, then the optimal ratio of power, torque and mass allow it to achieve record speed records.

According to experts, this combinationThe main parameters are very unusual for a production car. After all, the hybrid weighs about a ton, and in length it barely reaches 3.9 meters. In short, the Japanese in one concept presented a budget hybrid hatchback, and almost a racing car.

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