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Sea of ​​hands, fans in shock,
Hearts are beating, and the enemy is in a trench.
Ours you can not win
Football players do not break!

Spartacus is powerful, Spartak will tear all,
While CSKA on the bench roars!

Our Crown Verse
Red and green sky lit
Our locomotive is like a plane!
Again, the victory will not leave us!

Victory, victory, victory,
We only need a victory!
We know you will achieve it,
Great our club, CSKA!

Red and green in hearts forever,
Locomotive - you are a dream and a star!

CSKA has one fan,
But he is not happy about that
Spartak gathered the whole stadium,
Always because he only drives!

All we tear for Zenith!
Zenit idol! He will win!

Best run, best move,
World champion Spartak!

Go ahead smash the enemy, Lokomotiv Moscow!
We are ready to stand up for you, Lokomotiv Moscow!
Cherkizovo is always with you, Lokomotiv Moscow!
And you will become a champion, Lokomotiv Moscow!

CSKA will not catch up with us,
CSKA will not score us,
Every goal he misses,
After all, Spartacus is burning today!

Winning only Lokomotiv,
Guys - super, guys - power!

We kick the ball from birth,
And we adore football!

From Altai to Magadan,
All fans only from Dynamo!

The star is burning, the world is shining,
Zenit plays, our idol!
Zenit will win, we know for sure
Zenith we love! We adore!

Who cowardly hides his eyes,
Who has a goal at the gate?
Well, of course, CSKA,
Where are they against Spartacus ?!

Cool fans chants

We came and believe in our guys,
The guys in blue (or white, depending on the situation) form will win today!

Our guys are cheerful!
Our guys are brave!
On the football field
Our yours will do!

(Club) do not be shy,
On another's gate beat.

Our boys are fighting
And they play the best
Our national team
Waiting for victory and success!

Everyone since childhood knows exactly
Who, when and where to play.
We have a million fans
Above the arms of the stadium.

(Club) is me
(Club) - that's us,
(Club) - this is the best people of the country!

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