Tomato Cosmonaut Volkov

This plant belongs to the varieties of amateurselection. Large-fruited tomato Cosmonaut Volkov has wide popularity among vegetable growers-lovers. This is not surprising, since it is superior to many other large-bodied varieties in its taste qualities, not too high demands for care and resistance to various diseases. This tomato is intended for growing in greenhouses and various film shelters, although in a warm climate it is also grown on the street.

Favorite by many vegetable growers, tomato CosmonautVolkov refers to those varieties that are called indeterminate. That is, he has unlimited growth. The height of the main stem is often 2 meters. By the time of ripening of fruits, it is a medium-ripening variety. From the moment of mass germination of seeds to the onset of fruiting, it takes an average of 120 days. The first flower brush is formed in this plant over 9 leaves, and all subsequent flowers appear with an interval of 2-3 leaves. The brush is simple, it forms up to 5 beautiful, large fruits.

The fruit variety is large, usually weighing from 200 to400 grams. With good care and timely feeding, the weight of the fruit is possible up to 600 grams. On the quality they are fleshy and sweet, the shape of them is round-ribbed. The fruit color is orange-red. By appointment, tomatoes Cosmonaut Volkov belong to salad varieties. They can also be processed to produce juice or tomato paste.

Seed sowing of this variety for seedlings is carried out inbeginning of March. Picks do as usual, that is, when the plant has already formed the first two sheets. Disembarkation in greenhouses is carried out in April-May. Seedlings by this time should be at least 60 days old.

On one square meter you can not placemore than 2.5 plants, as the bushes in this variety are powerful. That is, on 2 meters of the area you can land 5 bushes. Tomato Cosmonaut Wolves must be tied up. The plant bush is formed into one, at most, into two stems. To do this, leave the stepson under the first brush. The remaining stepsons should be regularly removed, not allowing thickening of the bush. The lower two flower brushes also form, leaving on them no more than three, a maximum of four, ovaries.

Care of the plant is in irrigation, looseningsoil, removal of stepchildren and obligatory top dressing and weeding. Tomato watering Cosmonaut Volkov likes not very frequent, but abundant. Especially they are important before flowering, then when forming ovaries and before ripening fruits.

Feeding should be done regularly every 10 days. One square meter should not be applied more than 30 g of fertilizer. You can use mineral complex. It should be filled in liquid form and after pre-irrigation, in this case fertilizers in the soil are distributed more evenly. Particularly great importance of fertilizing is in the period when fruits are poured. For fertilizing use a complex mineral fertilizer of any kind.

To prevent excessive growth of tomato, in the end of July its stem must be plucked. This will promote better ripening of the fruit. Collect tomatoes in the stage of brown ripeness and then dozarivayut.

Gardeners highly appreciate the tomato astronaut Volkov. Reviews about it are very good. It gives annually stably high yields of tasty and beautiful fruits. Some people complain that at one time the seeds of this variety were difficult to obtain. Perhaps this was due to the fact that this sort of amateur breeding. Many gardeners like that the variety is resistant to disease and not too picky to care.

Taste qualities, as well as good yields, makehis favorite among other varieties. Some vegetable growers take away most of the greenhouse area under its planting. They do this despite the fact that now there are varieties, declared as super-large-bodied. The old tested variety seems to them more reliable. Let's hope that he will rejoice in us for a long time.

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