Tolerance Day in 2019 in Russia

November 16 in 2019 in Russia, as well as throughout the civilized world, the holiday of the day of tolerance will be celebrated.

This event is devoted to mutual respect and tolerance, the cooperation of different world cultures, drawing public attention to any problem. At its core, it has an educational value and is widespread in many countries.

Prerequisites for the emergence of the holiday have become the conditions of modern reality, when, against the background of racial, class and religious contradictions, conflicts, facts of terrorism, and criminal incidents increasingly began to arise. In the current progressive time, discrimination and aggression are very clearly manifested. Therefore, humanity must find ways to eradicate intolerance and introduce the principles of universal humanism. This is one of the top priorities in the world, and the adoption of the holiday of the day of tolerance is considered an important step towards its solution.

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How did the holiday come about?

Long overdue issues related to problems in societyrecognition of extraneous culture, reflection on individuality, were first considered at a meeting of the international organization of UNESCO in 1995. Then at the 28th session of the General Conference, held in Paris from October 25 to November 16, the “Declaration of Principles of Tolerance” was established. In the adopted document, the essence of the term “tolerance”, its principles and phenomena that accompany it:

  • problems of countries without tolerance;
  • threats provoking the denial of the characteristics of another culture;
  • ways of introducing tolerance in the minds of citizens;
  • methods of combating violence and intolerance among the population.

The adoption of a legislative base is an attempt to return people to a culture of communication, an opportunity to learn to respect the tastes of others and to stop dividing people by race, religion, age.

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On the last day of the meeting, the intention to celebrate the Day of Tolerance was solemnly announced. After 2 years, the celebration of the day of tolerance was considered at the UN General Assembly and included in the list of international holidays. The date of the event was set on November 16.Since then, the day of tolerance passes in Russia, in 2019, the holiday falls on Saturday. The program of the day of tolerance includes activities that will be held in children's institutions and in the community.

Interesting Facts:

  • the term “tolerance” is derived from the surname of the French foreign minister Talleyrand-Perigord, who served at the turn of the XVIII – XIX centuries and was famous for his ability to listen to others, to reckon with others' morals, and at the same time be deft and unprincipled;
  • For the spread of the ideology of tolerance and the eradication of violence, the Manajit Singh Tolerance Prize is awarded;
  • the basis of the development of tolerance is the proper education of children and the skilful reporting of information to adults;
  • in Russia, a criminal offense is prescribed for infringement of rights and freedoms (article 136 of the Criminal Code);
  • in the world, Azerbaijan, Australia, Argentina, Canada and Sweden are considered the most tolerant countries.

How to celebrate the day of tolerance?

Russia joined the Declaration in 1997, but began to celebrate the event every year since 2006. The holiday is celebrated in all regions of the country. At the state level, it takes place in institutions and out-of-class institutions.Special lectures and seminars are held in schools, competitions and interactive games are organized. Adults try to involve as much as possible in the activities of younger students. The flexible psyche of children makes it possible to have a positive attitude towards children with disabilities, adapt more quickly to the outside world, and understand the culture of other citizenships.

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For the first time, the day of tolerance was massively celebrated in St. Petersburg. The holiday called “Tolerance” was accompanied by promotions, contests, quizzes and open lessons. Large-scale events were aimed at promoting the principles of tolerance in children and were widely covered in regional media. In 2014, the program “Tolerance” was picked up by 16 cities of Russia. In addition to the main events in the program of the celebration, mass races of youth and sports associations appeared.

In other countries, marches, political actions, large summits take place on the day of tolerance. Participants of the holiday pursue social and political goals aimed at non-violence, collect funds for refugees, and advocate certain concepts.Those who abstract from politics take part in theme parties and spend time at musical concerts.

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