The training program for mass recruitment

In mass media it is possible to read andeven to look through various trainings for a set of muscle mass. However, not all are paid enough attention to proper and balanced nutrition in the days of classes. Namely, with its help you can "correct" your body. The optimal number of classes should be three times a week, and you need to eat right every day.

Presented training program for recruitmentmass, may seem to somebody tiring, since the main principle of its use is cycles repeating with a certain periodicity. Its advantage is a stable gradual build-up of strength and muscle mass (with sufficient zeal, up to one kilogram per month). Also, following this program and having some experience of such trainings for at least one and a half months, you can continuously train for up to six months. The effectiveness of other programs is lost after two months.

Features of the training program for weightare in the alternation of "easy" and "difficult" days. It is thanks to this approach that sufficient time is given to rest individual muscle groups, and the athlete will have remarkable results.

Now more in detail. The program cycle is calculated for 16 days, which can be increased to 18-20. Between training is given a day of rest, if necessary, you can not practice for two days.

The training program for mass recruitment isand therefore food and rest must be provided in full. Specialists are advised to add food to the testosterone-stimulating drugs and geyners (such as tribestane and ecdysten). In some cases, creatine can be a great help, but only with the right and cautious admission. To enrich the diet with protein, you need to add protein mixtures, but only of good quality. They can be consumed both with food and between meals. It should be noted that, despite the high calorie diet, a training program for weight gain will help get rid of unnecessary fat.

So, let's consider the order of nutrition and exercise. The diet is approximately the same all the days of the week, you can only change vegetables and fruits between each other. But the workouts are different from each other.

Meals should start with breakfast containing chicken eggs (3 pcs.), A small bun with a couple of teaspoons of jam, bananas (1-2 pcs.), As well as amino acids (2 capsules), vitamins and minerals.

The second breakfast consists of a boiled chicken breast (160 grams) or a protein neck (30 ml), two tomatoes, a slice of skimmed cheese and a couple of slices of bread (preferably black).

For lunch, you need to eat a filet of boiled chicken breast (160 grams), a bowl of rice, 300 grams of broccoli and two capsules of amino acids.

One hour prior to training, it is better to use up to 300 grams of geyner, and for twenty minutes - one serving of creatine.

Half an hour after classes, drink protein or three capsules of amino acids.

For dinner, it is best to eat 250 grams of boiled beans, boiled fish and boiled carrots.

Training on Monday begins with a five-minute workout. Further exercises should be performed in the following order:

  1. Press the rod in a horizontal position. This exercise can be replaced by a press of dumbbells. Begin with a single approach with a light weight, performing up to 18 repetitions. In the process of training you need to bring to the optimal intensity of execution - 6 repetitions in 4 approaches, using the maximum weight.
  2. Press the rod, being in a position at an angle of 45 degrees (the intensity is the same as in the first exercise).
  3. Bending of hands with a bar while standing.
  4. Bending hands using dumbbells (exercise "hammer").

The training program for mass recruiting on Wednesday will consist of the following exercises:

  1. Warm up
  2. Deadlift. It is desirable to perform it under the supervision of the trainer in connection with possible injuries if performed improperly.
  3. Stretching on the horizontal bar
  4. Thrust to the belt using the lower block.
  5. Bench on the horizontal bench with a narrow grip.

The number of approaches and repetitions is set, as on Monday.

Training on Friday includes the following set of exercises:

  1. Warm up.
  2. Bench bar from the chest in a sitting position.
  3. The layout of the dumbbells standing in the sides.
  4. With a barbell on the shoulders of squats.
  5. Flexion and extension of legs on the simulators.

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