The system of providing safe parking Aviline (parktronic)

"Eviline" is a well-known company all over the world,engaged in the production of parktronics. Previously, the company cooperated only with auto dealers of eighteen car brands of different countries. Currently, the brand Aviline parktronic can be installed independently. The company began to produce its products specifically for the centers of additional equipment of cars. The manufacturer offered a whole line of AAAline equipment. In addition to the name, it does not differ from the one installed in the showroom.

Features of functioning

The Aviline (Parktronic) system is powered bythe presence of ultrasonic sensors. They are installed on the front and rear bumpers of the car. Thanks to them, the distance to the nearest object is measured. The device gives a signal. It can be a sound or a picture on the display.

The audible signal is intermittent. It starts working if the distance between objects is 1-2 meters. As you approach the obstacle, the frequency of its sound increases. If the distance decreases to 10-30 centimeters, the signal becomes continuous.

Aviline Parktronic

Features parktronics provide a comfortable work with it. Individual models allow you to disable the system altogether. This can be useful, for example, when driving off-road.

The most common sensors installed on the rearbumper, connect to the tail light chain. In this case, the Aviline (Parktronic) is activated automatically when the rear gear is engaged. Sensors on the front bumper start their work when the speed of the car is small (up to 20 kilometers per hour).

Advantages of the "Eviline" system

AvtoVAZ owners appreciate the products of Aviline. Parktronic of this trade brand differs from its analogues in some features:

  • Reliability.
  • Presence of Russian in the module.
  • Intuitive images on the display.
  • The screen shows information coming from all sensors.

Aviline Parktronic reviews

In addition, the devices of the brand "Eviline" are universal and fit almost all cars. Their work absolutely does not interfere with the protruding parts on the body.

Contents of delivery

The buyer receives the following set of parts when he buys Aviline (parktronic):

  • 8 sensors.
  • A display that can be mounted in various places.
  • Control block.
  • Wires that allow you to connect to the system Aviline (parktronic).

Aviline Parktronic 8 sensors

  • Instructions.
  • A cutter that allows you to make neat holes.

Self-installing parking sensors

Installing a secure parking systembegins with the markup. For this purpose, adhesive tape is glued in the exemplary installation locations. All necessary marking is done on it. It is recommended to install a parking aid half a meter lower than the upper edge of the front position lamp. The land should remain at least 50-70 centimeters. From the sensors to the edge of the bumper leave about 40-45 cm. Central sensors are installed with an interval of about 50 centimeters.

Then holes are made in the marked places. To do this, use the cutter included in the delivery. Scotch tape is no longer needed, and it can be removed. Sensors are inserted into the received holes. The wires are pulled inwards. Behind the wires are pulled through the available technological holes in the trunk. The wires from the sensors located in front are pulled under the plastic into the interior. It will only be necessary to remove some plastic parts on the panel. This can be done with a conventional screwdriver.

Connecting the system

After installing the sensors, you need to connect the Aviline (Parktronic). Installation instructions included in the package will help to do this if you have any questions.

Aviline parktronic instructions

The power supply is installed, as a rule, in the trunk. It connects to the tail light connector. This is done sequentially, taking into account the color of the wires:

  • Black - on the case.
  • Yellow goes to the "plus".
  • Green joins the stop light.
  • Red is connected to the ignition.

Then the display is installed. A place for him can be chosen at his discretion. By connecting the control unit to the display, it is necessary to check the operability of the entire system.

To do this, insert the key into the ignition (startcar is not needed), turn on the rear gear. To sensors on the rear bumper you need to bring a solid object. Changing the position of the gearbox, we check the operation of the front sensors in the same way.

Aviline (parktronic): reviews

As for the reviews, almost allare unanimous. The car owners who installed this parking security system are happy with their choice. In the box for each thing has its own niche. Completeness is preserved due to a paper seal on the package. Instruction in Russian, printed on good paper. Figures and schemes are understandable for amateurs, not only for professionals.

The signals work properly, the object is detected. But in some situations (most often with sensors on the rear bumpers) the signal may be delayed by 2-3 seconds. In this case, you need to wait until the lights on the display light up, and then start moving.

Aviline Parktronic Installation Instructions

Front sensors determine the distance to the objectabout a meter. It is convenient to use the shutdown button, especially in the cork (so as not to squeak constantly). But if you do not drive close to the car ahead, then you can not turn it off.

In severe frost, there are cases when the signal is triggered faster than the distance is reduced. But it's good that it's ahead, and not vice versa.

Owners of cars on which parktronics "Eviline" are installed, recommend them to use.

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