The possibilities of modern electric jigsaw

Electric jigsaw is a handheld power tool designed for cutting materials through reciprocating motion of the saw blade. This tool was first used in 1946. Its developer is the Swiss engineer Albert Kaufman. At first, this power tool was used exclusively by professionals, but today an electric jigsaw, which can be bought here, is actively used in everyday life. Using an electric jigsaw, you can quickly and efficiently cut such materials:

· Metal;

· tree;

· Drywall;

· Ceramics;

· Stone, etc.

Given the versatility of this power tool, it is an excellent alternative to electric saws and grinders. It can be used for repair and construction, and for minor crafts.


The specific design of the jigsaw makes it possible to conduct a huge number of cutting operations.High-quality and fast cutting out of contours of varying complexity is ensured through the use of a flat platform, a thin saw and an active drive of an electric motor.

The use of an electric jigsaw makes it possible to accurately cut in the places of the angular connections of various blanks. This electrical equipment is also used in the event that a trimming trim is required at the joints of flat panels.

The most specific area of ​​application of an electric jigsaw is the production of openwork wooden cladding on furniture and interior items. Using an electric jigsaw, experienced craftsmen can create furniture facades, wall shelves and decorative details of a unique shape. Such an opportunity became available due to the minimum width of the saw blade, which can be fixed only by one side. This ensures a high level of maneuverability of this tool.

Criterias of choice

Deciding to buy a jigsaw electric, a potential buyer should pay attention to the following selection criteria:

· The duration of continuous work;

· Power;

· The ability to adjust the frequency of the stroke;

· Performance;

· The presence of a pendulum or dust-blowing mechanism;

· The ability to change the file without disassembling the case.

Of all the above, the most important point is the power of the device. This indicator affects the cutting speed and the maximum thickness of the processed materials.

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