The medicine "Bifiliz". Instructions for use

The drug "Bifiliz" (candles, powder) is a remedy used to normalize the microflora in the intestine. The drug has antidiarrheal, antibacterial, immunomodulating effect.

Drug "Bifiliz" instructions forapplication allows for appointment to patients of any age, including newborns. Each dose of the drug contains live bifidobacteria and lysozyme.

The medicine "Bifiliz". Instructions for use. Indications.

The drug is prescribed for treatment and preventiondysbacteriosis of various nature, intestinal dysfunction in infants with early mixed and artificial feeding, in patients with a secondary immunodeficiency state, including treatment and after taking cytostatics.

Medication "Bifiliz" instructions for userecommends for infectious and inflammatory pathologies, purulent-septic diseases in severe course, when receiving antibiotic therapy and after it.

The drug is prescribed to preventdestructive (or infectious) complications (ulcerative-necrotic colitis, including) in the intensive care units for newborns, prematurity at the state of health and illness, as well as in mixed diseases (anemia, hypotrophy, and others), in intensive care.

"Bifiliz" remedyrecommends with nonspecific inflammatory pathologies of acute and chronic course in the digestive tract, complicated by suppression of repair processes (self-healing) in the intestinal mucosa.

The drug is indicated for acute intestinal infectionsbacterial nature. Among them, among others, include salmonellosis, dysentery, and toxicoinfection, especially with severe signs or with intolerance to antibiotic agents.

Method of dosing and use of the drug "Bifiliz".

A powdered medicine is indicated for administrationinside. The contents of one bottle should be dissolved in ten milliliters of water (boiled, room temperature), close the stopper, leave for two to three minutes, then shake. The dissolved preparation should form a cloudy homogeneous suspension of whitish-gray or beige color with different shades.

A medication is recommended twenty to thirty minutes before a meal. Children are allowed to administer the product with the first portions or immediately before eating.

Duration of use, as well as the daily dosage of the drug "Bifiliz" depends on the duration of the underlying disease, its severity and severity of dysbiosis.

As a therapy, the drug is recommended three times infive doses a day. For the treatment of acute intestinal infections - five or seven-day courses (sometimes up to ten days). Individual cases involve an increase in the duration of admission to twenty days.

In order to prevent dysbacteriosis,the drug "Bifiliz" is recommended twice a day for five doses for ten days, children up to three months - to receive 2.5 doses. Repeating of therapeutic courses is carried out in two to three months.

Rectal suppositories are used after hygienic procedures. Recommended for one suppository at night, in the morning and after each relief of the intestine (up to four times a day).

Contraindicated medication "Bifiliz" with hypersensitivity to components.

In some cases, allergic reactions were noted after the application of the drug.

The drug is not recommended to store in a dissolved form and dilute with hot water.

After using the medicinal product"Bifilia" reviews patients in most cases positive. The patients note the rapid onset of the effect, the natural composition. In addition, the drug is well tolerated by patients.

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