The meaning of the name Hilarius (Ilaria)

Hilarion is a name of Greek origin. Its meaning is "cheerful, meek, quiet." Kindness, nobility, sincerity - all these and other qualities characterize the meaning of the name as well as possible.the meaning of the name of illariaHilarion in childhood is often Larik, Ilasha or Hilari. He is patronized by Jupiter, the animal-talisman is a lion, cherished plants - poplar and violet, and aventurine is the jewel for Ilaria.

The meaning of the name Hilarius

Since childhood, the boy likes to show his actingquality, all life for him - like a huge scene, where he is the main character. Accordingly, the surrounding people are spectators who should applaud and admire the talents of Hilarion. If he does not see such a return from the side, he becomes deeply unhappy. And this should be taken into account by everyone around who wants to achieve the favor of Hilarion.

In any company, this person immediately breaks intoleaders, because it immediately infects its activity and love of all around. He is an excellent worker, a fair leader, a responsible executive. The meaning of the name Hilarius characterizes him also as an ardent and gentle man. He knows how to show his best qualities not only in work, but also in love. However, the penchant for acting is not left here by Ilaria: any heart wound inflicted to him will be hidden under a carefree laugh. After all, only victories, including on the love front, can cause admiration of the audience.

Ilaria name

According to the numerological calendar, Hilaria accompaniesnumber 9. Like all the "nine", he likes noisy companies, can find a common language with almost any person. And not only in words: Hilarion is able to come to the rescue in a difficult moment, inclined to broad gestures. But in this there is also a negative side: overestimated self-conceit can play a bad joke with this person, turning him into a real egocentric. The meaning of the name Hilarion, after merriment and windyness, is based on one more quality - it is selfishness. Therefore only very strong spirit personalities manage to "tame" the windbreaker and build with Hilarius strong relationships, family or friendly.

Ilaria the meaning of the name

The Meaning of the Name of Ilaria

Ilaria is the name of a woman. Like Hilarion, it is of ancient Greek origin and means the same as the male form. Ilaria - a creative nature, she is characterized by recklessness, unrestrained gaiety and excitement. Girls can reach great heights in sports, art, creativity. However, the captivating character of Hilaria needs constant correction from someone more experienced and pragmatic. Together with a wise mentor, she can, as they say, turn the mountains.

Ilaria, the meaning of whose name indicatesexternal activity and invulnerability, is very sensitive and vulnerable. Maybe that's why she often has problems in her personal life. However, it is worthwhile for the girl's choice to put up with her carelessness and a complete lack of ability to manage the household - and family relations will develop quite successfully. Apart from this one and only disadvantage, in general, Ilaria is a very pleasant person, she will be comfortable and easy with her.

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