The film Bad Boys 4 (2019)

Comedy fighters with police in the lead role - this is one of the niches of cinema, where, it seems, nothing new can be invented. "Macho and Botan", "Double Hope", "Type of cool cop", the list goes on and on.

That is why Sony Pictures Entertainment decided to focus on filming not a new film about policemen, but to give viewers a chance to see on the screen the continuation of their favorite dilogy, Bad Boys. Recall that the first part came out in 1995, and only eight years later, in 2003, a sequel was released.

Despite the fact that the second film did not collect a lot of money at the box office ($ 273 million versus $ 170 million spent on the film), the creators confidently stated that the film would receive two more sequels - “Bad guys forever” and “Bad guys 4”.

What is known about the movie "Bad Boys 4"

The schedules of future projects of film studios change very often for various reasons: the actors are busy in other projects, the funding is not enough. Therefore, it is not strange that the premiere of “Bad Boys Forever,” which was scheduled for release in January 2018, was pushed for a full ten months.

So far, the third part can be expected on November 9, 2018, and the fourth part - on May 24, 2019, but there is no approved information about the last date yet. So far, it is not known whether the fourth part will be the final one, for sure the fate of the continuation will be decided after the box office of the Bad Guys Forever becomes known.

The fourth film will certainly not change its plot traditions. As in the previous installments, two loyal policemen, Mike Lowry and Marcus Barnett, will have to fight the underworld in their hometown of Miami.

bad guys 4 movie

In the first part, for example, they had to look for heroin, which was stolen from the police station, and in the second part, they were already fighting with the local drug baron, who decided to take the whole drug trafficking.

All the wrangles of the main characters are presented with humor and exciting special effects, it is precisely because of this that the new parts of the Bad Boys always cause a certain resonance in the world. Some critics, however, negatively respond to the plot of the paintings, which at certain points do not have enough logic, but there is hope that in the third and fourth parts the writers will correct this.

Who will create the fourth part of the Bad Boys?

The crew of the fourth part of the "bad guys":

  • Directed by (presumably): Michael Bay (Armageddon, Pearl Harbor).
  • Writers: George Gallo (“Catch up to midnight”, “Nine Yards 2”), David Guggenheim (“Medallion”, “Cape Town Access Code”).
  • Producers: Jerry Bruckheimer (Air Prison, Armageddon), Don Simpson (The Rock, Beverly Hills Policeman).

bad guys 4 series

Yes, Sony Pictures Entertainment, as it turned out, has something to please the Bad Boys fans. At the shooting of the fourth film as a director, they again want to get Michael Bay, who shot the first two films. It is known that he will not direct the third part, and Joe Carnahan will take his place (Team A, Fight, and Trump Aces).

Generally, Michael Bay has a special relationship with “Bad Boys”, because it was this film that became his directorial debut back in 1995. Then there was no trouble - the budget of the film was cut to $ 19 million, and the director didn’t like the script either.

Some dialogues to the director seemed so artificial that he even asked the performers of the main roles to improvise on the camera, sometimes even with a very non-standard approach.One day he told one of the heroes to unexpectedly in the dialogue call the interlocutor. This helped bring lively emotions to the conversation, and greatly improved the scene.

bad guys 4 trailer 2019

I am glad that the film “Bad Boys 4” can again be taken by Michael Bay, because the atmosphere of the film is very easy to break when the directors change chaotically.

It is worth noting that Michael Bay managed to make many excellent box office pictures for his film career, for which he is rightly considered one of the most successful directors in Hollywood. He shot five parts of "Transformers" (and in the future will become a producer of three more parts), "The Rock", "The Island" and many other successful films.

As a producer, he relates to many interesting horror films: “Judgment Night”, “A Nightmare on Elm Street”, “The Amityville Horror”.


bad guys 4 release date in 2019

While the plot and details of the caste studio "Sony" are not disclosed, we know for sure that the lead roles in the fourth part will remain Will Smith (Michael Lowry) and Martin Lawrence (Marcus Burnett).

Interestingly, even before the filming of the first film, it was planned to take on the main roles of Eddie Murphy and Wesley Snipes, but then Michael Bay offered the role of Michael Lowry to actor Arsenio Hall, who refused the offer.

As a result, the director watched the series "The Prince of Beverly Hills" and decided that the lead role is best suited Will Smith. This actor, in addition to the “Bad Guys”, has many successful roles, recall at least “Men in Black” or “I am a Legend”.

Will Smith is shot not only in comedies, with his participation there are a lot of dramas, after watching which you cannot remain indifferent. We are talking about films such as "Seven Lives", "The Pursuit of Happyness" and "Enemy of the State". The actor has twice been nominated for an Oscar for best male role in the films "Seven Lives" and "Ali."

movie bad guys 4

In future projects, he has not only two parts of the Bad Boys, but also the role of Jinn in the musical Guy Ritchie "Aladdin", so we have to see Will Smith in a rather unusual role.

The performer of another leading role is Martin Lawrence, better known for his comedic roles in films such as Big Momma's House, Nothing to Lose and Death at a Funeral. He was nominated three times for the MTV Movie Awards, and his handprints were immortalized on Hollywood Boulevard.

It’s still a long time to wait for the third part, let alone the fourth one, but the wait is definitely worth it.After all, the screen duet of Will Smith and Martin Lawrence in the role of not always the lucky policeman - this is exactly what can instantly lift your spirits.

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