The color palette "Estelle"

Estel is a well-known brand of professional cosmetics. The company, which produces products under this brand,palette estellea strong niche in the Russian cosmetic market.means. Its popularity is acquired through the production of professional hair dyes. The paint of this company is very diverse in terms of chemical composition and color palette. There are several series of Estel dyes: De Luxe, Sense De Luxe, Anti-Yellow Effect, De Luxe Silver, Essex.

The main palette is "Estelle" - Essex.

The Essex palette consists of 107 shades forintensive toning and persistent staining. It contains basic natural tones, clarifying shades, creative and extra-vivid tones, as well as means for highlighting and correctors. This paint has not only a good coloring effect, but also caring properties. The composition includes herbal components, keratin complex, extracts of guarana and green tea. This paint well paints gray hair, as well as easy to use and mix colors.

De Luxe - one of the most relevantestel deluxe palettelines of paints "Estel"

"Deluxe" -patrol "Estel" - a series forprofessional application. It is a collection of 134 shades with nutritional vitamins and plant extracts of chestnut. Paints De Luxe have a high resistance and a deep color formula. At the moment it is the richest and most saturated color palette of Estel paints.

Professional series is distinguished by the availabilityDyes without ammonia, designed to neutralize the yellow shade, as well as specifically for gray hair. A large selection of tones in the palette and functional tools will help to choose the paint for your hair type and get the desired result.

Semi-permanent paint Sense De Luxe moregently affects the hair. It will provide full color and shine. Cream-paint Anti-Yellow Effect will provide a complete shading of yellowness. This is the only palette of "Estelle" with one tone. This paint will give the hair platinum or pearlescent shade. De Luxe Silver - series, speciallyEstelle professional paints palettedesigned for painting gray hair. It includes fifty shades, suitable for hair that has lost its former color. Paint for gray hair effectively fill in the flaws, will give shine and softness. Due to the special composition of the dye, it is very easy to apply and obtain a 100% result.

The paint "Estel" is the most popular in Russia, as it is produced by the domestic enterprise. It has good characteristics, high quality and reasonable price.

Palette "Estelle" is used both in salonsbeauty, and at home. It was for this purpose that professional and non-professional dye lines were developed. Any woman who wants to change the look of her hair can resort to using such a paint in her home. And if you have certain skills, you can buy professional paint. But it is worth remembering that no matter how carefully you carry out the procedure of staining, there is a risk of getting an unwanted result. Therefore, it is best to contact a specially trained hairdresser.

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