Technoplankton by own hands: step-by-step instruction

Every fisherman knows that such a fish ascarp, caught on the hook infrequently. But lately a lot of adaptations have been created, which make it much easier to catch. You can catch silver carp with the help of technoplankton.technoplankton

What is Technoplankton?

To understand what it is, it follows thatconsider the composition of the technoplankton. You can make it with your own hands even at home. Technoplankton is a compressed mixture of various types of feed, previously shredded and mixed in certain proportions. Outwardly, such a lure looks like a barrel. Once in the water, this tablet begins to dissolve. As a result, a cloud of particles is formed. On the side of this phenomenon resembles a real plankton, which carnivores like to eat in a natural environment.

Can I make technoplankton myself?

Most fishing enthusiasts do not buyexpensive bait, and make it yourself. In addition, technoplankton is consumed very quickly, regardless of how the fish bites. Quality lure, made at home, differs from the factory only in form. At the moment there are many ways and recipes for artificial plankton. This bait is not only in a compressed form. It can be placed in a trough made from a grid and equipped with hooks.

But more often for manufacturing use a pressfor technoplankton. With your hands, you can prepare such a bait. In this case, it is worth considering that the carnivores prefer food that smells of honey and various for technoplankton own drawings

Fundamental rules

To prepare technoplankton by yourself, it is necessary to observe several simple rules:

  1. The composition of such a bait should includecomponents that are able to produce turbidity. Particles should be easily separated from the tablet, and then float to the surface, creating a cloud that looks like phytoplankton.
  2. The bait must be dusted. Particles of the technoplankton must separate and settle to the bottom, and then, when the surface emerges, make a cloud.
  3. Do not use a lot of different ingredients to make the bait. It is enough to use about four components.

Which filler to use

The easiest way to make a dustingTechnoplankton - choose a good filler. In this case, you can use flour made from peas, buckwheat, millet, corn or oats. Also in the bait can include crushed crackers and other ingredients that can be turned into flour.

To make a good technoplankton myhands, it is not necessary to adhere to certain proportions. However, it is important to properly handle the products. Otherwise, the fish will not attract the aroma of bait. For example, cookies and croutons are better heat-treated. This will enhance their taste. In addition, experts recommend using in the process of making flour from oats. It gives the ready bait the ability to actively and evenly dissolve.The easiest way to make a dusty technoplankton yourself

Glutinous base and flavors

The composition of the adhesive backing should include those components that are able to slowly dissolve in water and are well suited to compacting. To make technoplankton yourself, you can use:

  1. Maltodextrin, dextrin. The mass of these components should not exceed 12% of the total bait weight.
  2. Sugar powder, milk powder or cream. Of the total weight, the mass of these components should be about 10%.

In addition to the main components,Technoplankton can be added flavors. They can be used in liquid or dry form. These substances should give a stable smell. It is best to add sweet aromas, for example, vanilla, strawberries, raspberries, caramel or honey.

If the lure quickly dissolves in water, thenthe composition can add a little rice flour or starch. These components strengthen the pressing. However, you should be more careful. If you add a lot of starch or rice flour, then the opposite effect will be observed. The tablets will begin to dissolve much faster.

If the technoplankton is very poorly pressed, then a little water can be added. One tablet requires a halfgram. As a result, a hard and dry bait should be obtained, which is very difficult to for technoplankton

How to make a bait

If desired, you can make a press fortechnoplankton with their own hands. Drawings can be done by yourself. But it is best to acquire a simple adaptation. This will greatly speed up the process. To make the bait qualitative, it is worth following a few basic rules.

Regardless of the composition, the tablet must containdried milk or its substitutes. This component will create a muddy path. In order for technoplankton to be used on the bottom, oat bran or starch should be added to the main components. Upon ascent, they will raise the turbidity behind them. It also attracts carnivores.

The bait made at the factory haseffect of the geyser. This is another way to attract fish. To obtain the same effect at home, a mixture of citric acid and soda or "Alcoselzer" should be added to the artificial plankton.

Technoplankton should melt very slowly. This process should begin after the bait has stayed in the water for at least five minutes. In this case, the aft path must appear. This effect should last about half an hour. If the bait just disintegrates in a matter of minutes, then the lure will not work.technoplankton own drawings

Classic recipe

So, how to prepare technoplankton with your own hands? The press drawings are found and the device is created. Now you can start cooking the bait. For the manufacture of artificial teploplankton, 200 grams of buckwheat and oatmeal, 400 grams of cornmeal, 200 grams of breadcrumbs, 100 grams of sugar and 100 milliliters of water will be required.

First you should prepare the syrup. In 100 milliliters of water should be dissolved 100 grams of sugar. After this, it is necessary to mix all the dry constituents. The resulting mixture should be moistened with a ready-made sugar syrup. The resulting composition should be thoroughly mixed. To do this, it is better to use a blender.

That's all, the mixture for the technoplankton is ready. It remains only to form and compress the tablet.composition of the technoplankton

Now you know how to make a bait forcarp in the home. This will require components that are easy to find in any kitchen. As for the press for the formation of tablets, it can be purchased at a specialized store or made independently.

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