Tailchaser`s Song - cartoon 2018

  • Premiere: during 2018 (with a possible postponement of the release to a later date)
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Genre: cartoon, fantasy, adventure
  • Producer: will be appointed later
  • Cast: will be approved later

For 2018, scheduled release of the cartoon called Tailchaser`s Song. This film adaptation of the novel by Ted Williams, written in the fantasy genre and published in 1985. Let's take a look at what we should do with this information.

What is remarkable project

Initially, as we think, we need to try to translate the original title of the book and the future cartoon into Russian. On the web you can find the following translation: "Tail". Actually, this is the name of the protagonist. You can also find the mention of his name in a pair with the subtitle "The Adventures of a Young Cat." From this it follows that it is about that and it is in the original source.

Tailchaiser`s song

The book about the cat named Tail (although “Tailchaser” can also be translated as “womanizer”) tells about a world where only cats live. In a sense, feline animals. Of course, there are cats too. For how are they, sorry, multiply?

“The Song of the Tails,” which, as you see, sounds very good, is practically Zeropolis. True, we would have renamed it in this case in "Kotopolis." Well, something like this.

In the original, as the people who read the work in English, the reader can literally enjoy the elegant style of Ted Williams. Well, he also provided his creation with various kinds of charms, as a result of which his debut work was once nominated for the “Locus” award. This is a journal like this. At one time he singled out Carl Sagan's “Contact” among a number of others, for example.

Tailchaiser`s song

Speaking of "Zootropolis": a studio engaged in the production of a cartoon, referred to as Animetropolis. Agree that there is something in it.

People involved in creating a cartoon

So far, it is unknown who srezhissiruet adventures tail. The scriptwriters involved in the project in the person of Bethany Rhodes and Chris Raido did not excel at anything special. But here the producers have a lot of cartoon, and one of them is the author of the novel Tailchaser`s Song.

Actors are recruited at this time, I want to believe. And from them, apparently, you will need to give the heroes of the cartoon their elegant voice, filled with the colors of life.Well, if in general, then speak in a human way, but with a cat accent. It will be like this.


Tailchaiser`s song

The plot of the song "The Song of the Tail", if based on the original source, can be described something like this: a young cat named Tail lives in the world of Feline Tribe and tries to understand how everything around it works. How does the world work? The main character is trying to figure out literally everything, and the viewer, if he wants to know the answers, must follow him without question. Embark on all the grave and go on an unforgettable journey with a red-tailed friend can be at your pleasure in a short time. Adventures are waiting for those who are ready to appreciate their taste.

Release date cartoon

The release date of the cartoon Tailchaser`s Song is set for 2018. Producers have not yet named specific dates. Animation in which elements of fantasy are presented. Where the main characters are cats.

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