Symbol 2019 on the eastern calendar

The Eastern calendar has become very popular in our country. Twelve symbols of the year, five elements and colors alternate among themselves for sixty years, forming a cycle. In it, each character of the year is in all five elements. The symbol of the year 2019 according to the eastern calendar is the Yellow Land Pig (Boar).

Year of the Pig (Cabana): characteristic and color

As already mentioned, the eastern symbols during the cycle are in each of the five elements on which China's astrology is based: metal, water, wood, fire and earth. Find out which character will be in 2019 is simple: twelve animals go in strict sequence one after another. Since 2018 was the year of the Dog, the next talisman of the year is Pig (Boar). He is the last in the list, and also belongs to the last element, thereby completing the sixty-year cycle.

eastern calendar of animals

People born under this sign, as a rule, have the following characteristic qualities:

  • restraint,
  • patience,
  • logical approach to solving problems
  • discipline,
  • reliability,
  • developed intuition and deduction.

Such people perfectly realize themselves in the financial sphere, they have the ability to distinguish and develop potentially successful ideas and things. But also born in the year of the Pig (Cabana) have some negative qualities. For example:

  • easily disappointed in themselves because of any, even the smallest failure,
  • stubborn
  • hard on themselves and others
  • easily sacrifice the interests of others for their own benefit.

Some qualities can be attributed to both positive and negative. Under these criteria gullibility falls. To believe people is not bad, but born in the year of the Pig (Boar) is also too naive, and together these qualities make a person vulnerable to fraudsters.

piggy and yellow umbrella

Color 2019- yellow. It marks prosperity, stability and wealth. That is why the year 2019 is successful for opening and developing a business, solving important issues, problems, making profitable deals, and conquering new heights.

Representatives of other marks this year, expects the following:

  • ifTigerswill continue to work hard and not be afraid of risk, then fortune will definitely smile.This will especially affect financial issues and business;
  • lonelyRabbitsthis year they will meet their other half, and the family will be replenished;
  • Dragonsalso luck is on the personal front, pleasant surprises from the opposite sex are guaranteed;
  • forSnakethe whole of 2019 will be filled with luck. It will be possible to provide for themselves for many years;
  • for those born under the signHorses2019 will be great for big purchases;
  • the representativesGoatsreceive a large charge of forces for the positive resolution of any issues in all spheres of life;
  • born under the signMonkeywaiting for a busy year. Material issues will be resolved, and new acquaintances will be very useful;
  • unlike other signs born in a yearRoosterwill not be easy. In order to achieve anything in 2019, they will have to work hard;
  • character representativesDogsalso will not be easy. There may be disagreements with friends and relatives. To ensure their own needs will need to work as it should.

For the remaining signs of the eastern horoscope, the year will be neutral. Do not mindlessly wasting your strength. It is recommended to carefully plan.

Story about 12 characters of the year

There are several stories about the origin of the Chinese calendar and the sequence of animals in it. The most famous one says that once the Buddha called for the celebration of the New Year of the beasts. To get to the Enlightened, it was necessary to swim across the river. Twelve animals known to us gathered on the shore. Having decided to cheer the beasts, the Buddha offered them to swim across the river, and in accordance with their results, they would occupy their years in a twelve-year cycle.

history of the Chinese horoscope

The bull is faster than all the other animals, because it crossed the river first, but he did not notice how a rat clung to its tail on the other side. When the bull reached the opposite shore, it bit its tail hard, forcing it to be thrown right at the feet of Buddha. That is how the rat turned out to be the first, the first year in the cycle was named in its honor. The bull got the second place.

Another legend that came to us from China, says that the eastern calendar began its course during the reign of the founder of the Chinese nation, who once decided to recruit a squad of 12 guards.

Not only animals known to us wanted to protect the emperor. For example, an elephant and a cat also wanted to participate in competitions for the right to keep the ruler quiet. But because of the tricks the rats could not.

a rat and a cat on the back of a bull

The rat climbed onto the back of the bull, which stood in front of everyone, so she became the first in line. Boar did not suit the sequence, he began to make trouble and make noise. As a punishment, he was moved to the end of the line. In order to appease the dragon and the tiger, which also wanted to be the first, they were placed after a rat and a bull. Rabbit challenged the dragon and won, displacing it in line. A dog dissatisfied with the alignment bit the fast rabbit. For this and she was sent to the end of the queue, putting in front of a pig.

This legend does not correspond to historical data, because the date of the reign of the first emperor of China and the time when animals began to be portrayed as symbols of the year vary greatly.

The third legend says that before leaving the Buddha convened all animals to himself to say goodbye to them, but only twelve answered the call. The enlightened one presented each of them in gratitude for one year of government, thereby creating a twelve-year cycle.

Mandarin and Christmas tree

How to appease a pig at a meeting in 2019

2019 Year of the Yellow Earthen Pig (Cabana) is worth meeting in sunny colors. Brown and gold shades are allowed.

To appease the symbol of 2019, no special effort is needed.Pigs are not picky in food, it is very simple to please them. However, you should not put everything on the table. Pigs love beauty and order, which means that your table should have a variety and beautiful decoration.

From the New Year's menu should be removed pork. The rest of the restrictions on meat is not. It is desirable that on the table were not only meat dishes, but also something from fish. Do not forget about vegetation. The more fruits, vegetables and greens, the better. A variety of dishes, according to astrologers, will not only appease the mistress of the year, but also attract wealth to the house.

Responsibly refer to the choice of drinks. The symbol of the year does not tolerate drunkenness. It is not recommended to celebrate the year 2019 with vodka and brandy on the table, get along better with cocktails and champagne. If you prefer juices, let them be fresh and yellow in color.

Next to the tree or directly on the table it is recommended to put something symbolizing the owner of the year - a piggy bank or a statuette. This will attract money and luck to the house.

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