Summary "Farewell to the Mother" Rasputin and analysis

There are stories in which a great, notsummary. "Farewell to the Mother" Rasputin wrote this way, taking as a basis the real story. The Bratsk hydroelectric power station, built on the Angara, demanded great losses: the reservoir covered all the settlements in the vicinity. Naturally, people who have lived in these places all their life, have apprehended the death of their small homeland so painfully that it is unlikely that these feelings will be able to convey a brief content. "Farewell to the Mother" Rasputin gave the reader so poetically poignant story, so honest and convincing that it almost immediately became a cult book, a classic of Russian realism.


The story opens an epic picture of the ice drift,which was always an event of great importance for the inhabitants of Matera. This time the village did not meet him as always. This spring was not a joy, but a tragedy. The village felt its old age and quick death. Many masters stopped following the order. Only the old people supported the life of the village dying on the island, following the customary way. These small but significant details will not convey a summary.

short content farewell to the mother of rasputin

"Farewell to the Mother" Rasputin showed through the massimages, composed of colorful descriptions of simple rural life. However, among them there are fundamental, symbolic, such as the image of water - life-giving and pernicious at the same time. The end will not be running water, but the three hundred-year-old village, it would seem, is also almost eternal, connected with the fluidity of time with its entire existence, is already doomed. One summer is left, and in the autumn this island will flood the Angara.


The oldest resident of Matera, Darya, was sitting withher two friends and drank tea from an ancient samovar. Even those old women did not know these years, because the local church, adapted to the warehouse, did not even save itself, not only old books with records of baptisms, weddings and funeral services. This should mention even a brief content. "Farewell to the Mother" Rasputin wrote with great attention to detail. The old women, starting from the "landmark" village events, tried to recall something about their age.

farewell to the mother

One of them, Sima, could not participate in thememories, because she was not local, she came here a few years ago. She was Tula, she saw Moscow, to which the local people did not really believe, having decided once and for all that everyone would not be allowed to enter the capital in a row. They called Sima Moskovishna and laughed. During the war, the woman lost almost everything, she was a long time, she gave birth to her daughter, who was mute, but now she is old and feeble, but with Kolka, her grandson.

Daria and Nastasya

Frying, high Daria, despite the age,was stronger and more lively than her younger girlfriends, while she did her work on her own, as her son and daughter-in-law did not come every week, on the day off. She could not believe in the moving and flooding of the village, she could not even imagine herself anywhere else on earth. And Nastasya, judging by her story, quite began to take it: "My heart rests, my legs do not walk."

She and her husband Egor had very fastfarewell to Matera. The summary of the story should not miss this line. Yegor became confused or angry at the distribution of his place of residence, that's why he chose the very city where the hydroelectric station is built, and where he comes from Mater to attack, - Bratsk. When he came to his senses, it was too late to replay. The apartment was already prepared for them and twice reminded that it would be time to move into it. It remained only two weeks to talk with Nastasya friends.


This shaggy, barefooted old man, Bogodul, walked infriends in a state close to affect: he could only scold and knock with a crutch. Somehow he managed to inform the old women that the cemetery, where all their relatives and relatives are buried, are being ruined by some strangers: they cut the crosses and saw the night tables. Girlfriends hastily grabbed handkerchiefs and rushed there. Description of the cemetery continues the story "Farewell to the Mother." The summary does not allow to enjoy a simple, but extremely penetrating language, which the writer uses here.

rasputin farewell to the mother

Grandmothers rushed into a fight with two strangers,which cleared the territory of the cemetery. It turned out that this is a sanitary brigade, which is responsible for the cleanliness of the bottom of the future reservoir, that there is the chairman Vorontsov, who knows all about it. The old women drove the aliens to the village council, where they realized that this was true, and that the emotional affection of the local old women worried very little of the state people. The women all night crawled around the cemetery and hoisted the crossed crosses and tombstones to their former places.


Almost no one remembered where Bogodul had come from. Once upon a time he just went into the village on his boat, drove around the surrounding villages, then yes, he exchanged or sold. And then he stayed, settling in a Kolchak barrack. He always looked like an old man, even Daria and Nastasya did not remember him to others. He always walked barefoot, until the snow. Judging by the swear words, he was a Pole. I almost did not speak Russian.

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And the old women of Bogodula were loved, despite the fact thatthe old men called him a convict, who was exiled to Siberia for murder. This old man is not bothered at all migration is probably expected to die before the autumn, although clumsy Russian language to explain that is not going anywhere, but living people drown nobody has the right. In the morning after a skirmish in the cemetery, he came to Daria, drank the tea she had cooked yesterday.


Daria made fresh and told Bogodul that,that piqued in her soul: how to condemn her dead parents for what she did with her homeland, with their bones restless. Mother Darya was afraid of water all her life ... And now she will float ... Leaving Bogodula in the hut, she went out. Probably, cry. She sat on the eel. I looked around. Thoughtfully. Beautiful is the very fate destined for them, but how old is it! Right now, Daria is seriously starting her farewell to Matera. The brief content of the story can not fully convey the sense of orphanhood experienced by Rasputin's heroine at the time.

It was understood that she, Darya, did everythingalready out of her intended birth, and it's time to die, so as not to annoy anyone. So Paul, son, says that the village in which he lives, for the peasantry is not at all adapted. Some residents of Matera want to quickly put their houses under fire and move to places where there will be no usual trouble. What is their home, their homeland ...


When the village fell asleep, a mill appeared near the milla small, no one like a little more like a cat. This is the master of the island, which none of the inhabitants have ever seen or even suspected of its existence. But the Boss knew everyone here and everything. And he knew the fate of the village, and foresaw his death. Resigned. As always, he began to bypass his territory from the barracks where Bogodul lived, of whom he also knew that he would die together when this last summer was over.

Rasputin farewell to the mother

The hut of Petrukhi, standing at a distance from the rest,smelled of death very fast, the Boss never made mistakes in these smells. And then, one by one, they sighed old huts, responding to the approach of the Boss, and they also knew their fate, they were preparing to give up all the sunny heat and light, absorbed for many years, turning into fire. And the island did not want to die: the grass grew, the cherry tree flourished, the trees were filled with life-giving juice ... But the Boss was already beginning his farewell to Matera. The summary of this particularly poetic chapter concludes with the Master's tour.

First losses

After the Trinity, Yegor and Nastasya left. She walked along the hut for a long time, talking to the things left behind, warmed the samovar for the last time. You can not take a farm with you to a city apartment. Simply and at the same time colorfully described Rasputin farewell to Matera. The summary of the chapter, where the entire farm is gradually being considered: the grandfather takes a gun and all hunting supplies into the city, which is also for nothing. And Nastasya will take a spinning wheel with her. The Nurse's cat hid and did not leave to leave. Daria promises to take care of her. Neighbors are all dejected silent, watching how quickly and forever the boat goes down the Angara.

farewell to the mother

Then Petrukha burned his hut. Himself. People silently looked at the fire that was devouring the old house and already seemed to see how soon their homes would burn. It just burned first. Petrushka's wife, Katerina, was shouting until Daria took her away from the conflagration. Everyone will have the same thing, and Caterina will be easier later, because her turn has already passed. This makes Valentin Rasputin understand in the dialogue of two women. "Farewell to Matera," a brief summary emphasizes this, - a tale of fate that can neither be changed nor stopped.


He visits his mother less and less often: a lot of work, the foreman appointed - the repair technique. He was delighted when Katerina settled with Darya. In fact, at his soul cats scratch: the new settlement is uncomfortable - the northern side of the hill, from the water five kilometers. And the land compared to the grandfather island is bad - red, barren. But this is not the main thing. The main thing - the mother. She will not survive here, Paul sees and knows. This is noted repeatedly in the story "Farewell to the Mother." The summary, the analysis of this work and the reasoning of the author also make it clear that Paul himself can never forget his birthplace and get used to the new.

farewell to the mother detailed summary

Petrukh together with the house burned all the supplies of the motherher - Katerina, so she now completely lived on Darya's food. Old women talk a lot about the causes of bad behavior of Petrukha. Why did he grow so useless? Daria believes that because of the indulgences that Katerina did to him, she agrees. Then there was the last splash of the life of a dying village in the chapters dedicated to haymaking, as Rasputin described the farewell to Matera. The summary, the analysis of which is submitted in a condensed form, refers to the strange in these circumstances enthusiasm, which was experienced by all the inhabitants of the village prepared for death. People worked with joy and even with passion.

The final

At the very end of the story "Farewell to the Mother,"the brief content of which is presented here, tells how the houses of the villagers are burning, and then the old residents do not leave, no. They settle in the barrack of Bogodul and refuse to leave it. When the chairman Vorontsov persuaded to leave and leave the island, not a single sound was heard in response. And night came. The fog descended. Barak remained in the darkness and silence, except for a quiet melancholy howl, which the Boss indicated his farewell to Matera. A detailed summary of the story completes this episode. But in the soul of the reader for a long time remains a bitter sludge.

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