Structural glazing designs.

At the moment, structural glazing is becoming increasingly common. Therefore, now the facades of many urban buildings, shopping centers and office buildings are veneered in this way.

Structural glazing is an advanced method of fixing glass units, making it possible to form a single glass area without the use of noticeable clamping parts.

The described technology allows to erase the boundary of the protective structure, as a result of which much more sunlight begins to fall inside the building. The façade of the structure, due to its integral appearance, accumulates dirt and dust much less.

There are two main ways of fastening when using this technology. This method is considered the safest when the fixing part is placed in grooves prepared by the manufacturer in advance. The second method of fastening the structural facade is one hundred percent adhesive. In this case, double-glazed windows are attached to the frame of the strongest sealant, designed specifically for this method of glazing.

The design of the entire system consists of a stained glass frame and a double-glazed window that is attached using silicone sealant and is resistant to atmospheric conditions and other factors negatively influenced by the environment.

Repair of structural glazing is carried out with wear of sealers and gaskets made of rubber. In some situations, the aluminum profile begins to deform. Experts advise to regularly adjust the window fittings.

To carry out the change of loops for structural facades and to carry out other operations should only true professionals in their field. Repair work on high-rise buildings with this type of glazing should be carried out by industrial climbers, who also make quick glass replacement. It is categorically not recommended to change the glasses using your own forces.

Structural glazing of facades is most often used for structures of a commercial type: large office buildings, shopping and entertainment centers, hotels, and administrative buildings. The latest technologies make it possible to use it for the repair of old houses, thanks to the structural glazing device, they gain a rebirth and modern face.As already mentioned, such facades improve the performance of buildings and allow old houses to match the architectural environment of large cities.

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