Stephen King plans to visit Moscow in 2019

The most titled, richest and famous author of the present, laureate of B. Stoker, O. Henry awards, World Fantasy, awarded by the US National Book Foundation and the National Medal of his native country in the field of arts. Permanent Grand Master of Mystic Writers of America, awarded by the Canadian Booksellers Association, yes, and simply received the planetary respectful nickname “The King of Horrors” - maestro Stephen King, may find time to visit Moscow in 2019.

He penned nearly six dozen novels and more than a hundred and fifty stories, and the total circulation of publications is about 350 million copies. King is a talented screenwriter and television producer: dozens of tapes and serials were released based on specific screen versions, including his vigilant leadership, and some of them brought hundreds of millions of box office money.

Whole television and animated series were filmedand by the number of citations of his person personally, and of his works, as well as the images he created, he has long been able to claim at least an honorary place in the Guinness Book of Records. He repeatedly appeared in a variety of cameo personally, playing himself, and he also tried his hand at a director’s role, though not very successfully.

And, in fact, the name of Stephen King has long been inscribed in the universal history. He, without thinking, is pronounced along with the most prominent classics of literature. Moreover, not only modernity. After all, it is impossible to take away the fact that this author had a really significant influence on the formation of modern culture, and several generations have grown up on his images and ideas.

Plans for 2019

Despite the seventh decade, Stephen is extremely active and active: his schedule is written not just for months - years ahead, respectively, squeezing into his rigid framework seems almost unreal.

Stephen King plans to visit Moscow in 2019

In addition to active political and social activities, he is now extremely busy filming the television series "Castle Rock", which is expected to premiere this year, and also does not cease writing books.In particular, in May of 2018, his “Outside” saw the light, as part of an advertising campaign by which the author is traditionally extremely busy with presentations to readers and meetings with publishers.

Therefore, of course, the fact that he even agreed to consider the possibility of his arrival in Russia is already a big victory. Of course, no clear agreement has yet been reached on this issue, but Pavel Grishkov, head of the AST publishing house, whose company is the inviting party for Stephen King, looks to the future with optimism, assessing the chances of a likely visit.

Regardless of this, as part of the commemoration of the 70th jubilee of the writer, a photo exhibition dedicated to the work of the author was opened at the Kazan airport. During almost all of January, the visitors of this transport hub had the pleasure to contemplate the captured footage from well-known films based on the works of the master.

Stephen King

Recall that in 2017, the publishing house managed to organize a visit to several prominent names in the world modern literature, including George Martin - the creator of the saga “Song of Ice and Flame”.

Next year’s plans include not only reaching an agreement with Stephen King, but also inviting several other great writers, including the magnificent Dan Brown, who created a series of books about Professor Langdon on symbolism, secret societies and conspiracies - the bestsellers The Da Vinci Code, "Angels and Demons", "Inferno" and "Lost Symbol." Quite well, by the way, filmed by a number of venerable directors with the participation of world-famous actors.

It is also already known that in 2018 George Saunders and Peter James will arrive, however, they are not invited to “AST”, but to “Eksmo”. The representative of this publishing house, Yevgeny Kapiev, communicating with the press, assured the public that he also reliably knows about the organization in the near future of meetings with Russian readers Philippe Claudel, Jonathan Foer, China Myeville and many other topical stars of world literature.

King and his role in modern world culture

Stephen King and his creations

Of course, to say that Kinga will ever be included in the compulsory school curriculum is at least naive. Too it is ambiguous, genre and, one can even say, niche writer.And it’s a pity, because his enormous contribution to the world, and not just the American national, literature is really capable of striking the imagination and causes well-deserved respect. How memorable are the images of his works, his ability to tell simple things in such a way that you begin to look at them in a completely different way.

Before King, the concept of horror and mysticism in literature was, how could I put it more softly ... Too snobbish and boring, or what? It was he who succeeded in bringing the revived nightmares so close to the reader that, fascinated by the work, you do not for a second assume that they are unreal.

His "Shining" and "Pet Cemetery", "It", "The Dark Tower" series, his "Kerry" and "Night Shift", "Dream Catcher", "Green Mile" and many others, in fact, formed in several current generations of ideas about what is now "terrible" in literature. What is mysticism and horror, as such.

By the way, the images of “Running Man”, “Long Walk”, “Rage” and “Losing Weight” are also written by the Master. Though they were published under the pseudonym of Richard Bachman. Such a “popularization” of the genre was urgently needed by society and timely.After all, it turned out that fears exist, and talking about them was a kind of taboo, even without taking into account that this was done by very few and, in fact, half-whisper. After all, so loved by King Lovecraft himself is far from being able to understand and sustain.

Not everyone can feel to the end of Edgar Allan Poe. The same author speaks the same language with the reader, and he is endowed with an amazing gift to give each word the characteristics of a chameleon - everyone sees exactly what they want to see.

King is a unique master of storytelling, and the images he created are taken directly from our life. Moreover, he so skillfully interweaves the real with the impossible, which creates the impression of traveling through the portals of parallel worlds similar to ours, but built according to completely different laws.

Here are just killers and maniacs from his works - absolutely natural, they walk along the streets with us, we watch interviews with them and read their posts. How real and what every person fears, without exception. This is not about some kind of grotesque monsters "from under the bed", but about quite natural concepts: about loneliness, change, about strangers and oblivion, about poverty and social rejection.

Stephen King plans to visit Moscow in 2019

Children's fears and collective phobias - all this is also in the novels and stories of King.And his Word undertook a responsible mission to serve as a kind of searchlight, brightly highlighting both social problems and the oddities of modern life.

To call him a master of horror and mysticism, of course, correctly and competently, but we must not forget that his talent is far from limited to this, freely going beyond the boundaries of these definitions. He manages to surprisingly organically entwine in all of this also harsh psychologism, doing extremely powerful, pressing down on very sore spots, thrillers, and even detective paraphernalia, intriguing, offering to solve riddles and puzzles on the pages of his books.

And in many of his works you can, if you wish, see a very tough satire on everything. Of course, if you open your soul to the study of second, third and many other meanings.

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