Steam heating in a private house

Steam heating in a private house. Providing comfortable living conditions in a country house is primarily due to the work of engineering systems, including heating. In cases where there are no backbone networks, you have to think about its autonomous version. The result of such thinking can be a decision that it is necessary to make steam heating in a private house.

Why is he remembered?

In this, voluntarily or unwittingly, the confusion caused by the organization of heating in high-rise buildings is to blame. Previously, it was often called steam, and there is some truth in this. From the CHP plant through the pipeline system, superheated water (steam) is supplied under pressure to individual houses. Directly in them, in the heat exchange station available there, heat is transferred from the external coolant to the internal one, which circulates exclusively inside the building's heating system and in the role of which water is used.


Schematic diagram of steam control

In fact, all the houses have water heating, but to a certain extent, steam is involved in this process.Perhaps, on the basis of such a view, the idea arises of organizing steam heating in a private house. Although in this case, steam directly in the process of heating the premises is not used.

Steam heating, disadvantages and advantages for a private house

In fact, steam heating in the house is a slightly modified version of water, in which steam is used instead of liquid. This makes it necessary to make a number of constructive improvements of the system itself. We will touch on specific implementation options a bit later, and now we will try to understand what might be the reason for wanting to supply a private house with just such a heating system.

  1. The use of steam causes the radiators to heat up to a higher temperature, due to which it is possible to reduce their area and, accordingly, cost.
  2. High speed of warming up of the system and the room.
  3. The possibility of reducing the diameter of pipes for the transportation of steam and condensate.
  4. Less chance of system freezing at low temperatures.
  5. Lower cost of creating the entire heating of this type.

The principle of operation of steam heating

However, with all the positive qualities of such a system, the disadvantages are more significant. Among them it should be noted such as:

  1. Increased radiator temperature when using steam. It exceeds one hundred degrees Celsius, which causes the possibility of burns if the surface is accidentally touched to such a temperature, including in children. As a result, the current sanitary and hygienic regulations do not allow the use of steam heating systems in residential premises.
  2. Insufficient service life of such a heating system.
  3. Increased noise during steam heating operation.
  4. The impossibility of regulation in the automatic mode of the system parameters.

These drawbacks suggest that the use of this option of heating the house would not be the best choice.

Some technical information about steam heating

Some special differences, except for the type of coolant, the scheme of steam heating of a private house in relation to water does not have. Its approximate composition can be seen in the figure below:


The scheme of steam heating of a private house

The source of steam are special boilers.The steam produced in them, passing through the boiler (in the form of double-circuit heating, when it is additionally used to produce hot water), then enters the radiators, where it gives off heat to heat the room, and the resulting condensate is returned to the boiler. Although this scheme looks quite simplified, it allows you to understand the purpose of the various elements of the system itself and its operation. The basis is the heating boiler, steam generators for home heating can work on any type of fuel, but the choice of a particular type (power) depends on the size of the heated house and the possibility of free and guaranteed fuel supply. Performed steam heating can be different and depends directly on the size of the house. So, it is quite possible that a country house or a small country house will be heated according to a one-pipe scheme. But the steam heating scheme of a two-story house will most likely be two-pipe with forced circulation.


Two-pipe heating system with forced circulation

Each of the options has its drawbacks and merits, and the choice of any of them must be confirmed by carrying out the necessary calculations and justifications.The single factor for such systems will be the liquid used for steam heating - water as a steam source.

When disadvantages turn into virtues

Conventional steam heating is used in industrial plants and other similar facilities. However, there is another option when it can show its best properties with sufficient efficiency. It is about heating in the country. When it does not provide for permanent residence in the cold time, it becomes important to quickly heat the rooms at the time of arrival, as well as the speed at which the system is preserved upon departure.

For such cases, steam heating in the country should be recognized as one of the most suitable options. Among its merits are those factors that play a leading role in the situation under consideration.

Another advantage is the possibility of arranging steam heating in addition to the existing stove. If there is a regular stove at the dacha, then by placing a heat exchanger in its furnace, you will get a steam generator, and steam can be supplied to radiators located in other rooms.Thus, without significant costs, you can improve the conditions of stay in the country in the cold season.

With all its advantages, steam heating is not the best option for heating a private house. Moreover, the current sanitary and hygienic rules provide for its use for non-residential and commercial enterprises. Nevertheless, some of its advantages, first of all, rather low costs of creation, contribute to its use in individual residential structures.

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