Spot building objects freeze

According to the metropolitan complex of architecture, the construction of 51 point building objects has been frozen in the city and more than 200 objects require additional study. Currently, the interdepartmental commission on issues of point building is considering appeals of local residents about these objects.

In the course of the commission’s work, 186 objects were recognized as non-point construction, and another 32 addresses were removed from consideration, since they are already under construction, and therefore the issue should be considered by other bodies.

Meetings of the Interdepartmental Commission on the issues of point construction in Moscow are held regularly. In addition, a hotline has been created (tel. 699-41-47), through which calls from Muscovites are received concerning pin-hole building. The hotline was opened in July, and by November 679 calls were received from 355 objects from Moscow residents. The city authorities received the largest number of complaints from residents of the city center.

Recall that last summer Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov signed a decree suspending point construction.“We intend to analyze the already existing decisions on the placement of such objects, according to the results of the analysis we will take decisions on construction. We will not build new objects of such a plan, decisions on which have not yet been taken, ”the mayor said. After this statement, the prefectures of the capital received an order prohibiting the issuance of permits for point building.

Later, when considering the draft of the Urban Planning Code, it was decided that only social infrastructure and housing facilities for targeted programs would be built in the regime of compact construction.

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