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Virtually all types of exterior home decoration at the same time solve two problems: the decoration of the facade and protection from external influences. What requirements are put forward when the exterior cladding, consider below.

What you need to know about the facade decoration of buildings?

  • Attractive exterior finish is just as important as the harmonious interior design of your home. Please note that in addition to the well-groomed appearance of the house must be reliably protected from temperature extremes, wind and ultraviolet radiation.
  • Modern materials should have fire-fighting properties, provide high-performance thermal insulation.
  • The correct facade is involved in creating a healthy microclimate inside the house. Pick up such types of exterior decoration of houses that are able to pass air and protect from dampness, mold, heat, noise.
  • Since the exterior finish can increase the load on the foundation, we recommend checking its load bearing capacity.
  • Facing work can be performed at any time of the year. The heating wind from cold and precipitation is used during the coldest periods (autumn-winter).

    What exterior finish will suit you?


    1. A natural stone(granite, marble, travertine) looks elegant and serves a really long time. It is used for continuous or partial wall decoration in processed or unprocessed form. For complex and time-consuming decorating, we recommend engaging experienced professionals, since the purchase of materials and high-quality natural stone cladding is expensive.
    2. Fake diamond- A great alternative to the natural, only the cost is much lower. This material is durable, strong and beautiful. The richness of textures and shades of such a stone allows you to combine materials: on the facades, the combination of artificial stone with wood, metal, and ceramics looks beautiful.
    3. SidingIt is becoming increasingly popular from the modern types of exterior home decoration. These thin panels overlap stacked on top of each other, protect the building from natural and mechanical influences, are easily cleaned of dirt and dust by supplying water under pressure. Made from plastic, metal, wood, cement. Environmentally friendly material that does not rot and does not rust, has been serving for about 50 years.
    4. Clapboardfor facing several types are produced: wooden lining and block house. It looks on the facades very carefully, naturally and aesthetically.The wood is additionally processed, which increases the reliability, practicality of the material and improves performance. The difference between the types lies in their shape: wooden lining has straight lines, and the block house is rounded.
    5. Few exterior finishes are so loved by builders asbrick. The most convenient form is replete with shades, sizes and textures. Consider that the total weight of a building with a brick facade will increase, which means that the load on the foundation of the foundation will increase.
    6. Plasterstill relevant. For exterior walls it is possible to use an economy version: cement plaster, or more expensive and reliable plaster. Plastering works are laborious and time consuming, but the surface will be monolithic and durable, protected from rotting, corrosion and waterlogging.

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