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The market of cars in our country offersa wide choice of brands, domestic and foreign, different in technical characteristics and price categories. Therefore, for people who want to buy a new car, it is important to study the opinion of car enthusiasts about the chosen model. For example, Shkoda Superb is worthy of attention, reviews about which are often positive.

Vehicle description Skoda Superb

Škoda Superb is a famous Czech brand,belongs to the business class. The car was introduced in 2008 at the Moscow Motor Show. The volume of the engine is 3.6 liters, its capacity is two hundred and sixty liters. from. Skoda Superb can accelerate to a hundred km / h, the maximum speed can reach 250 km / h. The transmission of the car is 6-speed. With normal driving, the front axle receives 100% power transmission. All torque can be transmitted to the rear axle if necessary, ensuring safe driving in all weathers.

Reviews about car

Here's what collects the Škoda owners reviews. People are attracted by the elegant look of the car, decent ground clearance, comfortable interior, leather interior, comfortable driver's seat, equipped with memory and electrical settings. Very nice is called backlighting in the car, it does not cause eye fatigue. The climate control in the cabin maintains the optimum temperature even in winter, there are sensors for rain, light, there is access without a key.

Of the technical characteristics of car ownersnote the rapid dynamics of acceleration (up to 100 kilometers per hour), excellent engine performance. The car well obeys the steering, holds the road, has a fairly stiff, energy-intensive suspension and good brakes. The engine runs silently. As a result, the machine, not noticing the irregularities, "floats" on the asphalt. Of the positive characteristics of the car Skoda Superb reviews of motorists report a small fuel consumption. From 7-10 liters (on the highway) to 9-13 (when driving around the city). The car has many options that facilitate driving, and these functions the machine performs either itself, or they are accessible by a finger. If rear maneuvering is required, the side mirror is tilted, the curtain on the trunk is manually retracted, all the mirrors are dimmed, and this helps to protect the eyes from the headlights of the cars following.

Motorists, after buying a carSkoda Superb, reviews leave enthusiastic. They are not indifferent to the automatic gearbox, convenient ergonomic interior. To positive characteristics is the presence in the car of computer control and a good audio system. Many have estimated such function, as heating of seats that is very actual in the winter. Skoda has good visibility, large mirrors, there is a Parking assistant system, self-assessing the parking place and allowing you to easily attach the car in difficult places without having to leave the salon. The car has a roomy trunk, which can be increased by folding the rear seat.

Motorists come to the conclusion that choosingcar by the criteria of the comfort of the cabin, the dynamics of acceleration and fuel consumption, one of the best options is the Skoda Superb, the reviews speak eloquently about it. The car combines the practicality and elegance of the sedan, the beautiful design of a spacious interior, safety when driving and reliability. Škoda Superb received the highest rating on an independent test conducted by Euro-NCAP. The car can have up to nine airbags, which are provided for passengers sitting behind.

Motorists are satisfied with the choice made andadvise others to purchase this brand, because the Skoda Superb reviews are vivid and justifiably positive. Owners of Skoda cars do not regret the money spent, as they got the car they were dreaming of, as a rule, does not require technical intervention, it works qualitatively and clearly, is safe, beautiful and convenient for a long time of operation.

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Skoda Superb. Reviews Skoda Superb. Reviews Skoda Superb. Reviews Skoda Superb. Reviews Skoda Superb. Reviews Skoda Superb. Reviews